Recipe Roundup

The Best Retro Jello Recipes

Gelatin has been around since the time of the Egyptians and in the 1600s we have written evidence of it being experimented with as food.

People in the mid-century were very into jello and while many of their recipes were strange there were some delicious ones we need to bring back, these are some of those.

Lime Jello Salad

A vintage family favorite, this green gelatin salad has a bright flavor and is fun to serve!

This recipe for Raspberry Jello Fluff is super easy to make and only requires four ingredients.

Raspberry Jello Fluff

"Grandma always made this Rainbow Layered Jello for every birthday and special occasion! It takes patience but the results are worth it."

Rainbow Layered Jello

Marshmallow Cookie Bars. Easy to make in any flavor you like. 

Marshmallow COokie Bars

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