Lead in Pyrex- Everything YOu need to Know!

Vintage Pyrex is beautiful and a lot of fun to collect and display in your home. But is it safe? 

Lead standards didn't start for dishes until the 1970s and most of the popular vintage Pyrex dishes were made before then.  So what does this mean?

Unfortunately, it does mean your vintage Pyrex may contain lead.  But don't throw it out just yet.

There are some out there that say just throw it all away but please don't.  Vintage Pyrex can be used safely and we don't want to put a lot of lead in the landfill either.

If you want to avoid all chances of lead risks donate your vintage Pyrex or you can sell its with a note about the risk so the other person can make an informed choice.

Want to keep your Vintage Pyrex? Learn how to use and store Vintage Pyrex safely