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Homemaking products that help make your life Easier

Cleaning Planner

This printable cleaning planner will help you keep on track with all the cleaning tasks around your home.

Meal planner

Use this printable meal planner to plan all of your meals and shopping trips.

Budget Planner

Reach your financial goals with this easy to use printable budget planner.

Create A
Recipe Book

Create your own recipe book with these printables. It also makes a great gift.

Halloween Planner

Get ready for Halloween with this printable planner.

Thanksgiving Planner

Get ready for Thanksgiving with this printable planner.

Easter Planner

Get ready for Easter with this printable planner

Christmas Planner

Get ready for Christmas with this printable planner.

Pet Care Planner

Keep everything for your pet organized in one place.

Christmas Recipe Book

Create your own Christmas recipe book with these printables. It also makes a great gift.

A Stress-Free Christmas

Want to have a magical and stress-free Christmas? This ebook has all the tips you need.

Meal planning eCourse

Need help getting a meal planning system in place that works for you? This course can help!

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home management printables on white background

Home Management Printables

Printables that help you manage your home and everything that goes along with that.

Holiday Printables

Printables that help you plan and manage all of the holidays throughout the year.

Family Fun Printables

Printables for kids, families, and adults to help you have fun.

meal planning ebook on tablet

Meal Planning & Shopping Made easy

Get my complete meal planning and grocery shopping guide.

once a month grocery shopping ebook on tablet

Once a month Grocery Shopping Guide

Get my complete guide to grocery shopping only once a month.

essential oil diy ebook on tablet

Essential Oil DIYS for the Home

Get great DIY instructions for home and cleaning products that use essential oils.

Vintage Desserts

Learn how to make 6 delicious vintage desserts!


My Homemaking Favorites

Homemaking Products I use and Love

Dyson V11

My favorite vacuum is the Dyson V11. It works well on carpet and hard floors.

Bissel Steam Mop

A steam mop is a must-have cleaning tool. This one works really well on tile and can also be used on carpet.

Hoover Spot Cleaner

This spot cleaner from Hoover is compact, easy to clean, and works really well on all kinds of spills and accidents.

Grove Cleaning Products

I get almost all of my cleaning products from Grove Collaborative. You can even get free products with your first order.

KitchenAid Mixer

I love my KitchenAid stand mixer and use it all of the time. It also comes in many great colors so you can find one that works for your kitchen.

Instant Pot

I use my Instant Pot at least once a week. It’s great for all kinds of dishes. I also love that I can cook frozen meat safely and quickly. 

Pyrex Containers

Pyrex glass containers are a great alternative to plastic which can hold on to odors, stain, and can be toxic. They come in all sizes and colors.

Pyrex Mixing Bowls

My most used mixing bowls are my glass Pyrex bowls. They are great bowls and are easy to clean.

Clothes Steamer

I hate ironing and have a lot of delicate clothes that aren’t easy to iron. This steamer works well and is small enough to travel with.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

My favorite essential oils are from Plant Therapy. They are high quality and affordable.

Electric Kettle

This adorable kettle is perfect for a retro kitchen and heats up water fast.

retro style fan

Vornado Retro Fan

I love this little retro style fan for small rooms. It looks great in my vintage home.

turquoise record player

Crosley Record Player

This record player is perfect for a small space or if you want something that is portable. 

aqua checkered tablecloth

Aqua Checkered TableCloth

I love this tablecloth and have it in a few colors. The aqua color is my favorite.

white flour sack towels

Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are thin cotton towels that make a great paper towel replacement.

colorful erin condren planner

Erin Condren LifePlanner

One of my favorite planners is the Erin Condren LifePlanner. There are several options so you can find the right one for you.