Switching Your Pet to Natural Food

You are most likely aware of how important a natural diet is for good health for yourself and your family but what about your pets? Many pet foods can contain nasty fillers and food that is not safe for human consumption. And while pets needs are different than ours and they also can handle foods we can’t, it’s still best to feed the high quality food with real standards.

My dog, Patience, eats a natural diet which has helped her have a nice healthy coat, good overall health and maintain a healthy weight. The vet comments every time she sees her that she looks great. This is even more amazing because she was close to death with she showed up my parents house after being dumped with her puppies. If you met her now you would never know she was so close to death.

Making the Switch

When switching your pet to a new diet it’s best to do it gradually to be sure they will tolerate it well and to not upset their digestive system. Many recommend switching over the course of 7-10 days. Start at around 25% of the new food and do that for three days or so and then 50% for three days and so on.

During the switch be sure to watch for changes in the pets stool and general health. If your pet seems constipated, has loose stool, vomits or has changes in their health, contact your vet. Remember just like people pets can have allergies to some foods so watch for signs that your pet isn’t dealing with the change in their diet, so you can adjust if needed.

My Recommendations

While a totally organic, raw diet is likely best for all pets that is not always possible. My dog gets part raw and part natural dog food. Feeding a 90 lb dog is never cheap but this combo keeps it affordable and keeps my dog healthy.

If you do choose to use some or all natural pet food, there are some good choices out there. PetSmart carries several great brands of natural pet food, here are some of them.

My dog eats Organix and has done very well on it. It’s made in the USA, which is very important to me after all of the pet food recalls a few years ago and contains a lot of great certified organic ingredients. And it doesn’t contain wheat, corn or meat by-products.

Another good and very affordable option is PetSmart’s line of dog food called Simply Nourish. While it’s not organic it does use natural ingredients. It doesn’t have all the cheap fillers and contains a lot of good fruits and veggies.

Do you feed your pet(s) a natural diet? If so, what do you use? Also if you want to learn more about why feeding your pet natural is important check out The Benefits of a Natural/Organic Diet.

Disclaimer: Pet Smart gave me free pet food coupons to aid me in this post. There are also affiliate links in this post. However, these are my honest views. For more info please read my full disclaimer.

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The Benefits of a Natural/Organic Diet for Your Pet

Most of us know the benefits of an natural/organic diet for our families but what about our pets? Pets are a member of our families as well so why not feed them the best food we can? Many pet foods are full of terrible ingredients, many don’t even have meat in the first three ingredients. They also are often full of cheap corn and other fillers. The natural and organic pet food market has grown a lot in the last couple of years. It’s now easier than ever to feed your pet a healthy diet.

These natural and organic foods are available at stores like PetSmart. PetSmart has greatly expanded their selection of natural and organic pet foods. They now even have an exclusive pet food line called Simply Nourish. It’s not organic but it’s reasonable priced and the ingredients are natural and much better than other dog food brands. The first three ingredients in the Chicken and Brown Rice adult dog food are; chicken, chicken meal and brown rice. It doesn’t contain the cheap fillers like other foods and has lots of dried fruits and veggies.

Another brand of natural food PetSmart carries is Organix. This is the food my dog eats. It’s made from certified organic chicken and most other ingredients are also organic. It contains no wheat, corn or meat by-products. It’s made in the USA, which is important for many after the pet food recalls several years ago. It’s a bit more than the Simply Nourish food but it’s not bad and PetSmart often has sales on it and you can save with their reward card program.

My dog has done great on her natural diet. She is a healthy weight, her fur is soft and shinny, and overall she is the picture of health. She is a rescue dog that was near death when she found us, so this is an amazing turn around for her. The vet always comments on how beautiful and healthy she is. Natural food has been worth every penny for us. My dog is an important member of my family and I want to be sure she is healthy and stays around as long as possible.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing tips on transitioning your pet to a natural diet, natural treats and will even have a giveaway for free pet food! I would love to hear if any of you have made the switch to natural pet food and if so how your results have been.

Disclaimer: PetSmart gave me free pet food coupons to aid me in this post and this post contains affiliate links. However, these are my honest views. For more info please read my full disclaimer.

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