Retro Housewife Goes Green is a blog about the environment, being a housewife, vintage fashion, vintage decor, vintage lifestyle, organic food, and so much more. To learn more please read my about page.

My blog and social media reach can help your business reach new customers and better connect with the ones you already have.

Important Numbers and Information

5,500-7,500 page views a month
2,048 Facebook Fans
3,448 Twitter Followers
106 Newsletter Subscribers
86 BlogLovin Followers

These are demographics from my Facebook page. As you can see most of my fans are 25-44 years old and female. Most fans are also from the U.S., next most popular country is Canada.

Here is info on my reach on my Facebook page. As you can see I mostly reach females that are 25-34 years old.


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Ads run for one month after they have been approved. If you don’t have a graphic for your ad, email me to have me make one for you.

I reserve the right to reject sponsors if they do not fit with the message of Retro Housewife Goes Green.

Freelance Writing

Looking for someone to write an article for your company or website? I can cover the following topics.

Green Living
Cement Plant Pollution
Air Pollution
Organic Food/Farming
Green Parenting
Natural Health
Eco-Friendly Pets
Buying Local
Environmental Toxins
Green Schools
Vintage Inspired Fashion
1940’s and 1950’s Fashion
1940’s and 1950’s Home Decor
Fibromyalgia and more…

Click here for to see a list of some of my articles. Please contact me if you would like to republish something you find here. Also contact me if you need an article or blog post written.

Social Media Marketing

Need help with your web presence? I can help you get your green company seen on the web. These are some of the things I can help you with.

Set up a Twitter account.
Set up a Facebook fan page.
Set up a blog site.
Teach you how to use the above sites as well as social media management sites like HootSuite.
Get your company out to popular bloggers.
Run your social media sites.

I can help with any or all of these things to help your green business noticed. There is a discount for non-profit sites. Contact me for more information.