Everything is Not Awesome

Lego has done a lot to reduce it’s environmental impact and their toys are all lead-free. Their toys also encourage creativity and are a great option for kids. Heck, I got a Lego Cinderella castle for my birthday this year! They are a really wonderful product but there is one problem, the company they keep […]

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Fracking and What it Really Means


Tomorrow is the Global Frackdown, a day focused on ending fracking. As most of you likely know I live in Oklahoma, we are one of the top natural gas producing states and home to the headquarters of many of the top natural gas companies. I’ve been around oil and gas drilling all of my life, my family […]

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Ethanol… eco or not?

Ethanol is driving up corn costs, it lower gas mileage and is hard on our cars. Our government has made a law where so much corn (25% I believe) will end up having to be used for ethanol. There is something wrong to me with using food for fuel. If we really think ethanol is good […]

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