My name is Lisa and I’m the face behind Retro Housewife Goes Green. I’m a wife, activist, and freelance writer. I live in a small town in Oklahoma and I’m working to bring more green to Oklahoma. I serve on the board for the local recycling coalition, I’m active with the local Green Drinks group, and I’m currently working to bring awareness of the pollution issue from a local cement plant. I also run the website Green Oklahoma, a green resource, news and events site.

In the online world I’m a member of the Green Mom’s Carnival, 140 Social Woman, one of Greenpeace’s Twitter Champs, a Reuseit brand ambassador, and PeopleTowel brand ambassador. I’m also a blogger for Moms Clean Air Force and often write for BlogHer. I have worked with many green companies including Credo Mobile, Disneynature, TerraCycle, GlassDharma, Earth Friendly Products, Natural Candy Store, PeopleTowels, PlanetShoes, and SodaStream.

The environment is my passion. I believe we all can make a difference if we just take small steps to change our lives.

My other passion is vintage. I dress vintage, enjoy vintage decor, and I enjoy the general vintage lifestyle. My favorite eras are the 1940’s and the 1950’s. I truly want to be Donna Reed, but with more rights as a woman. Full skirts and pearls make me very happy!

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