My Vintage Birthday

This past week was my birthday and we had quite a week of celebrating. To start off my birthday week, my husband, cousin, her boyfriend, and myself went to an antique show in Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful time. My cousin found some really nice vintage luggage and a vintage apron and her boyfriend found a really nice travel bar set. I got a blue cardigan, square navy scarf, purple apron, turquoise doily, and purple doily.

We also ate lunch together in OKC, showed my cousin around Norman/the University of Oklahoma (she is from California and hadn’t been to the OKC/Norman area before), and when we got back to town we ate dinner together at a local Italian restaurant. My cousin’s boyfriend’s, who happens to be one of our friends as well, sister was having her birthday party later that night so we met back up for that after a wardrobe change. We ended up out really late for that and had a lot of fun.


My birthday was on Tuesday (July 1st) and Tuesday’s we normally go to trivia at a local bar. Several of my friends and my parents joined us and it was a lot of fun. My parents got me a circle skirt (they had also given me money for the antique show), two friends got me some body products, and one of my friends got me a sweater clip (because she knows my love of cardigans) and a cute vintage inspired hair pin. My in-laws gave me money for shopping, a lot of that went to ModCloth clothing during their 50% off sale, and a Lego Cinderella’s Castle, because who doesn’t like Legos? Earlier that day one of my friends sent me an amazing organic fruit and snack basket. My friends know me well! Oh and my sweet husband got me a blue vintage purse with matching gloves (pictured above). My grandma also gave me a vintage gift but I’m going to share more about that later.

On Wednesday, my husband and I went to the nearby town of Sulphur to a hotel, the Artesian. It’s a beautiful historic hotel that the Chickasaw tribe has rebuilt. The original hotel was established in 1906. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in 1962. The Chickasaws did a beautiful job rebuilding it to look like the original hotel. (click here to see a photo of the original hotel) It features a very nice spa, indoor/outdoor pool, restaurant, casino, and even several nice shops.

View of Sulphur

My husband and I have gone to the shops and restaurant several times but this was our first time staying in the hotel. Last month my mom, grandma, and I went there for lunch and to shop and we asked to see some of the hotel rooms. They showed us some of their themed suites and I fell in love with the one they call the Hollywood Suite. It’s an art deco themed suite. I had told my husband how much I liked it and he booked it for us for the night. (Sorry about the fact that I didn’t turn my iPhone, I was just thinking about posting it on Facebook.)

Before we went to the hotel we went to the town next to Sulphur, Davis. There is an antique store we enjoy going to because they also sell sports cards, so my husband looks at those while I look at antiques. I didn’t find anything there but we also went to one other antique store in town and I did find some vintage bangles there.


Once we got to Sulphur we went to this adorable 50’s themed cafe and I got a chocolate soda float. After that we did some shopping ¬†at the hotel and then we went to dinner. After dinner we went to the hotel bar and hung out there for a bit. And back in the room I took advantage of the giant jacuzzi tub, it even had color changing lights in it. The rest of the night we just relaxed in the amazing room.


The next morning my husband went to the gym and I went to breakfast (not sure why he has to make me look bad like this). I was just looking for some hot tea, this is a requirement for me in the morning, but I also found pancakes. It was a very nice breakfast. After breakfast and the gym, we checked out and headed south to Frisco, Texas.


In Texas we did some shopping and then met up for dinner with my cousin and her boyfriend, she is living in the Dallas area right now. We ate at a nice restaurant, Silver Fox. It was wonderful! It was nice to get dressed up and go out for the night. After dinner we went to Dave & Busters. We were a bit overdressed for it but it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, right? We had a blast and stayed until they were closing.

The view from our balcony at our hotel in Frisco.

The view from our balcony at our hotel in Frisco.

The next day we just did a bit more shopping and had lunch in Allen, Texas. The next day we went to Norman again to do a bit more shopping and to have lunch. My husband had taken most of the week off so we wanted to take advantage of that. We came back home and had dinner at a local restaurant. It was a very nice week and I had a wonderful birthday.

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