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Lego has done a lot to reduce it’s environmental impact and their toys are all lead-free. Their toys also encourage creativity and are a great option for kids. Heck, I got a Lego Cinderella castle for my birthday this year! They are a really wonderful product but there is one problem, the company they keep is not so positive.

Lego has had a longstanding relationship with Shell and plans to renew the deal later this year. And this deal doesn’t promote the environmentally friendly image Lego normally has. Shell wants to drill for oil in the Arctic. They are able to do this because the Arctic ice is melting due to climate change. Drilling for oil in the Arctic is very risk and a spill would be impossible to clean up.

Greenpeace is asking Lego to not renew their relationship with Shell and to stop promoting this dirty company to kids.  Greenpeace makes it very clear they don’t feel like Lego is the enemy here, Shell is but Lego is letting Shell use them to clean-up their image. Greenpeace isn’t asking kids to stop playing with Legos but for parents and Lego fans to ask Lego to cut ties with Shell.

Greenpeace also has addressed the fact that Legos are made from oil.

“Lego blocks are made out of oil, among other things. And that does add to demand for oil, ultimately making investment in extraction of new sources of oil – like in the Arctic – a viable business.

However, Lego has pledged to phase out the use of oil and replace it with a sustainable alternative by 2030. It’s also worked to reduce its packaging and ensure all its packaging and printed materials are FSC-certified.

But Shell has made no such environmental commitment and remains hooked on oil, so much so that it wants to go to the ends of the earth, to the icy Arctic, to get it. That’s why Shell are the real villains, undermining Lego’s pledge to reduce their environmental impact.”– read more

So with Lego pledging to phase out oil in their products, shouldn’t they also ditch their relationship with oil companies? You can help by telling Lego to stop playing with the Arctic and ditch Shell.

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    This is so frustrating. It seems that many companies are only “green” when it is convenient for them and is good for the bottom line. Hopefully Lego will listen to its customers.

    • says

      They have listened in the past so I hope they will again. Overall they are a good brand and it’s a well made toy that lasts, that’s rare these days.

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