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I’ve always been enamored with the 40’s and 50’s. Even as a kid I watched a lot of Nick at Nite and was very interested by the time periods. Sure TV glamorizes the time, sexism and racism was rampant and most women weren’t really cleaning the house in heels and pearls but I see no reason to throw the good out with the bad.

I long to be able to put on a dress, heels, and pearls and go sit in a soda fountain. My small Oklahoma town did have a soda fountain while I was growing up but sadly it closed several years ago. Coffee shops are great but I’d much rather sit on a barstool at a soda fountain drinking a shake, even if I am a bit lactose intolerant. There is a very cute cafe in a town near me, I had high hopes but the shakes were not as good as the decor. They used soft serve ice cream, this is not how you make a shake! They do however have their own chocolate soda which makes a pretty amazing float.


Bedre Cafe in Sulphur, Oklahoma

Over the last several years I’ve learned that I’m not alone in this love and that many still try to live a more vintage life. While I have no plans to get rid of Netflix, my laptop or smartphone, I do want to incorporate more vintage into my life. I want to unplug more. I have started leaving my phone in my purse when out. If I’m out alone I check to make sure my husband hasn’t texted me, I don’t want him worried but I don’t text people unless I really need to ask a question right then. I’m still getting on social media while out too much but doesn’t everyone need to know where I am all the time and what I’m eating?!

There is a fine line though because social media is part of my job, both because of my blog and because I do the social media for Happyland Music Alliance (HMA). The other night I was out at music and I did use my phone to take a photo of the band to post on HMA’s Instagram and posted that I was at the show on FB to encourage others to come out, but that’s all. I didn’t read all my notifications or messages on Facebook until I got home. Do we really need to be able to contact people at all times? Is liking a photo really that urgent?

I also want to take more pride in my home. I have talked about this already but lately life being so busy has gotten in the way of housework. I know I feel better when my home is clean and looks nice. As much as I hate missing out on social events I’m going to have to skip some and get caught up. Hopefully once I’m caught up I can find a schedule to help me stay caught up. I am a housewife after all so I feel the state of my home is a reflection of me. Currently that reflection is a disaster!

Fashion is also a big part of the 40’s and 50’s that draws me in. I’m currently purging my wardrobe and rebuilding it with vintage and vintage inspired pieces. I know that many of the women that dress more vintage tend to do the more pinup look, which I LOVE but my style is more Donna Reed. I love full skirts, cardigans and pearls. This will be a time consuming venture but it’s a lot of fun looking for pieces.

Country Day Skirt

One of my new vintage inspired skirts from ModCloth.

It’s no secret that I’m a feminist but feminism is about choices. I’m grateful that I have the choice to live like this and I’m not forced. It happens to be what makes me happy and comfortable but I know that’s not true for all women and I’m so glad they can choose another path.

As a work towards living a more vintage life I will take all of you with me. Don’t worry this will have a green theme and there will be pieces you can take from it even if vintage isn’t your thing. They also won’t be the only posts I will be doing.

I’d love to hear if any of you are also enamored with all things vintage. Let me know below and if you are a vintage lover what’s your favorite era? How far do you take your love of vintage?

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    I do like vintage – I’d say I’m most drawn to 30s and 40s – such elegance! But the 50s and 60s seemed fun. I did a post on ‘4 Things We Did Better in the 50s’ regarding marriage. LIke you, just because I don’t want to trade in gender equality doesn’t mean I don’t wish there were some things we could get back to – like manners and etiquette (as in NO phones during dinner!)

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    I love your desire to live a more vintage life. There is a fine line between being online and being obsessed by being online. It’s hard when your job requires a lot of screen time.
    Love the skirt! I’ve found great vintage stuff on Etsy

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    I like doing it from scratch, that’s how I do it “vintage”—cooking, hand crafts, that sort of thing.
    I love the classic clothing styles from the 50s (pencil skirts, sweater sets, loafers) but most days find me in cut-offs and a Ramones T-shirt! Then I mix in the classic pieces to put my own twist on it.

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