Failing at Being a Housewife

5956902687_9cf0a6b49b_zI have dreams of spending the day cleaning my house in a full face of makeup, perfect hair, a dress, and heels. And of course being cheerful doing it and having a spotless house. The reality, especially lately, is very far from that. The reality is my house is a mess, I rarely get out of yoga pants if I’m not leaving the house, I’m behind on all my work, and I’m exhausted, not cheerful.

I’m trying to find a schedule that will allow me to stay on top of things and feel more productive but I really am not a schedule person. Between my normal responsibilities, the new business I’m involved in and the fact that I’m exhausted from hypotension, I’m really struggling to stay on top of things.

I keep thinking if I can just get caught up I can handle everything. And this is likely true but it’s the getting caught up part that is hard. The scariest thing is May is going to be an even busier month. I’m in a wedding, we have Happyland Music Festival, it’s my husband’s birthday, it’s our anniversary, we have another wedding to attend, and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting about. Plus all of the normal things.

What I’m going to try for the next couple of days is to get my computer work done by the time I’m done with lunch or very shortly after and then spend the time until dinner doing housework. Hopefully I can keep the evenings for mostly free time. We will see if this helps or even works, ha.

If you have brilliant ideas, share in the comments below or on my Facebook. Also feel free to make me feel better by saying you are dealing with the same problem!

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