DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

Winter can lead to very dry lips and lip balm may not be enough to give you smooth lips. Lip scrubs are a great way to get rid of that dead skin, instead of pulling it off and ending up with sore lips. This DIY lip scrub would make a great gift and is super easy! It’s even edible so you can lick it off your lips or rinse. The coconut oil will help sooth the lips while the sugar is a gentle exfoliator.


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  • 2 Teaspoons of Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil
  • 4 Drops of Peppermint Extract


Mix the sugar and coconut oil and slowly add in peppermint extract, you can use more or less depending on your preference. Just be careful, peppermint extract is very strong.

You can find cute little containers on Etsy, at the Containers Store, and at most craft supply stores. For my personal use I like to use Wean Cubes to store my scrub in. A little goes a long way so you don’t need to make much at a time.


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