Christmas in July: Christmas Planner + Printables

I have to confess, I am already thinking about Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Every year I say I’m going to start planning early so that when the holiday season gets here, I can relax and enjoy it. Every year I fail at this. We have less than six months until Christmas now and I have done anything? Nope. I mean I’ve pinned some stuff on Pinterest but if that counted as doing something I would be winning awards for housewife of the year.

So now it’s time to get serious if this year isn’t going to be another failure. Several weeks ago I shared my home management binder with you but I have one more section to share, the holiday section. I’m really hoping this will help kick me in the butt to get ahead on everything.


Here is what I have in my holiday section in my household binder-

Free Printables-

Holiday Movie List

Holiday Movie List

Holiday Project List

Holiday Project List

So now that I’m organized it’s time to spend less time on Pinterest and more time crafting. This will seem crazy to some but sometimes when I need a push to get stuff ready for Christmas, I listen to Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie, maybe it’s time to pull out Home Alone.

Have any of you gotten started on things for the holidays? I’d love to know what helps motivate you to be prepared for the holiday season. Also be sure to check out my Green Holiday Guide board for eco-friendly gifts, crafts, and recipes.

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    I love this!! I also think about getting more organized for Christmas at this time of year. Planning ahead can help you save so much money too!

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      So true! I’m already saving up for gifts and I want to have ideas early in case I come across good sales. Often around this time there are some sales on Etsy for Christmas type items shops didn’t sale last year. :)

      Also not terribly eco-friendly but a tradition, Hallmark ornaments are out and we got a good coupon so may pick up some soon. :)

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    I’ve already started thinking about the holidays this year. Especially the menu. I want to try some new dishes this year, but I think it would be best to try them at least once before the holidays are here. At least that’s the excuse I give for thinking about Christmas in July lol. And your Green Holiday Guide board got the creative juices flowing, so now I’m thinking about Christmas gifts as well! lol

    Thank you so much for linking up the holiday planner printables.


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      Sounds like a good plan! And I’m glad you liked the board. Thank you for the great printables. I’ve used a lot of them and really enjoy them. :) I like that they are a bit more simple than some so they don’t use some crazy amount of ink, but they still look really nice. :)

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