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I have been in desperate need of some better time management and organization. I have had a planner in the past but didn’t really seem to click, also have used several online and phone planners and none seem to do what I need. I end up with things all over the place and I really wanted everything in one place. I have been thinking about making a home management binder for a long time and finally decided to start one a few weeks ago. I love that I decide what goes in it and can easily change it if something doesn’t work.

Home management binders have been gaining popularity and there are a lot of great free printables out there. There were a few I couldn’t find so I made a few of my own that I will share in this post. I’m going to also go over what’s in my binder and link to most of the things I have in it. I did try to use things I already had on hand and only bought two things for the binder. This made my whole binder/planner about $10. Not bad!


The first thing you need is clearly a binder. I already had one on hand. It’s a very basic 2 inch binder, very much like the ones from ReBinder. I wanted it to be pretty so I used some recycled scrapbook paper I already had on hand. I just cut the paper to fit and glued it on.

Inside of the binder I reused a little plastic pouch from my old planner. In the pouch I keep my highlighter pencils, a pen, a pencil, a dry erase marker, a calculator, address labels, stamps, labels for my calendar, stickers for my calendar, extra tabs, and Post-It Notes. After that I used sheet protecters for all my pages to make them last, plus I had them already. For the dividers I just used a sheet protecter and used more of the recycled scrapbook paper in the sheet protecters, I used a Post-It tabs on them as well. Now I will go through what I have in each of the sections.


The first section is “home.” Below is a list of what’s in this section.

  • Year At a Glance Calendar– I color code this with my husband’s work schedule.
  • Perpetual Calendar– Here is where I keep birthdays and anniversaries to add to my month at a glance calendar.
  • Month At a Glance– I keep appointments, birthdays, events, etc… on here.
  • To-Do List– On this one I don’t write on the sheet but instead use a dry erase marker on the sheet protecter to save paper.
  • Detailed Cleaning Schedule– This has my morning, afternoon, and evening schedules. It also has weekly and monthly schedules.
  • Freezer, Pantry, and Fridge Inventories- I hope these will help me reduce food waste and also help with meal planning.
  • Monthly Meal Plan– This is where I keep my meal plan for the month. I don’t like to plan which day each meal will be so I made a printable where I can just list the meals and pick for each day as I go.
  • Cleaning Schedule– This is my overview of all the things I need to do daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. I have one for inside tasks and one for outside tasks.
  • Cleaner Recipes– I keep all of my recipes for my DIY cleaners here.
  • Project To-Do List– This is where I keep a running list of all the bigger projects I want to get done around the house. It also has a place for notes and contacts that are for the projects.

The next section is “blogs.” This is the section for general freelance work as well as my blogs.

  • Blog Income– This is where I track any money I make from blogging, freelance writing, etc…
  • Blog Expenses– I keep track of my business expenses here.

Next is “Retro Housewife Goes Green.” This is clearly for this blog.

  • Weekly Blog Planner– This has a place to write blog topics, categories, social media info, to-dos, etc… for the week.
  • Monthly Blog Post Planner (not available anymore)- This is a month at a glance where I keep track of blog posts, linkups, Twitter parties, etc…
  • Blog Sponsors/Advertisers– I keep a list of my advertisers on here and the info that goes along with them.
  • Blog Stat Tracker– As the title says this is just to track stats for my blog.
  • Review & Giveaway Tracker- This is where I keep track of any reviews or giveaways I do.
  • Blog To-Do– This is a running list of the things I need to get done for the blog.
  • Blog Ideas– I write down post ideas on here.

Next is “Green Oklahoma.” This is for my website Green Oklahoma. This contains all of the same things as the above section. The last section is my Holiday section. This is one that I will go over closer to the holiday season as I’m still working on it.

In the back of the binder I have a folder for things I need to file or put in the binder. I also have a notepad for extra notes. I love this binder! I know it can grow and change with my needs.

Free Printables


Cleaner Recipes

Cleaner Recipes

Blank Cleaning Schedule

Blank Cleaning Schedule

Blank Meal Plan

Blank Meal Plan


I’d love to hear about your binder if you have one and what you like to keep in yours. Just post in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

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