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The Perfect DietKristen’s Raw is a blog I had seen but not one I read as I’m not a vegan. But I was very interested in her latest blog, she has come out and said she is no longer a vegan. She goes into the details of how she had to come to terms with the fact that her vegan diet was not healthy for her or her young daughter. Now she looks back and sees there were many health issues that were likely due to her diet.

Now, I’m not saying no one can be healthy on a vegan diet, just as she stresses in her blog. But often anyone into any “extreme diet” becomes so sure that their way is the right way, that it can be hard for people to admit they were possibly wrong or even see the warning signs. It’s hard for anyone to admit they are wrong about something that is such a big part of their life.

It seems like everyone is wanting to label their way of eating these days, I get it. But I don’t believe there is one perfect diet for everyone. We have different needs, have different lives, and have different allergies and intolerances. Supplements are great but should come after trying to find foods to meet our needs.

I have often said I think there is one food rule that applies to everyone and it comes from Michael Pollan, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” None of us will do well on a diet of nothing but fast food, there are “foods” that should never enter our bodies, but what should enter them can differ from person to person.

I have found that small amounts of pastured meat, regularly is what works best for me. Lots of fruits and veggies, a little meat, and a small amount of carbs, always with protein, is what seems to make me feel the best. But what makes you feel best may not be the same. I know life would be easier if there was one perfect diet we could all try and follow but it seems that is unlikely to be the case. We must listen to our bodies and figure out what foods make us feel bad and what foods make us feel good.

So what are your thoughts and diet? And please everyone be kind to each other, I know people can be very passionate about the way they eat, let’s try not to judge.

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    This is one thing I struggle with; I think we can all do better about eating healthier – more produced, less processed foods. I think if most of us started there, it would be a huge start, at least with major health issues and obesity rates!

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      I agree. I don’t get to wrapped up in diets, past just eating real food. And I’m not perfect, I just ate organic store bought bread and some organic BBQ chips but I try. :)

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    I think this is so well said. There’s such a craze to define and name everything right now, and I’m not so sure that’s the most healthy way to do things. But I definitely agree we can all better our lives by choosing better/real foods.

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    Love Michael Pollan ! Love this article! “We have different needs, have different lives, and have different allergies and intolerances. Supplements are great but should come after trying to find foods to meet our needs.” Very well said!

    Since May of last year I’ve been dabbling in a Paleo/Primal type diet off and on. Going on a strict version in Feb. I lasted 21 days on the super strict Whole30. What I love about the Whole30 is that it allowed me to clean my diet up, and as I added stuff back in, realize how different foods are affecting me in different ways. It’s a great personal experiment to see how food affects you personally. For me, I’m in love with the paleo way of eating and living. Pastured meat, lots of veggies, good fats, seasonal fruit makes me feel AMAZING. Spending time outside, managing stress, getting enough sleep, play, sun, exercise have been my focus for the last year. When I get more of these things in and eat clean, I can’t feel any better!

    Eliminating sugar and junk/fast food from my diet was the best thing for my life. I haven’t been eating as clean for the last couple weeks and I noticed more aches and pains, especially my sciatica flaring up on an almost daily basis. I’m excited to get back on the wagon for another go around.

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    I’m a vegetarian who often tends towards veganism. I don’t expect others to eat the way I do and in fact, I cook meat-based meals for my husband. Two things bother me about many people who do eat meat: 1) the people who feel it’s their mission to tell me how unhealthy my diet is. These are usually people with several health challenges, especially diet-related ones, who take multiple medications, while I have no known health problems and take zero medications. I don’t necessarily think they must give up meat but they really do need to consider cutting out the junk and incorporating more whole foods into their diet. 2) people who say “I need meat but I’m an animal lover so don’t tell me about factory farm conditions.” I believe if you choose to eat meat, you should know where it comes from. The unnatural way most meat animals are raised is not good for the animals, the people who raise them, or the people who consume the meat. If you eat meat, find humanely-raised and pasture-raised meat. Think you can’t afford it? Consider eating less meat and increasing your whole grain, fruit, and vegetable consumption.

    And I love Michael Pollan. :)

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      I struggle with eating meat sometimes but I know due to some allergies, being kind of picky (that’s a long story ha), and health issues I can’t seem to get what I need in my diet without meat. I haven’t been sick in well over a year and my health has improved so much over the last several years of switching my diet to more natural foods.

      I think you know I seek out pastured meats that are raised as humanely as possible. I know who raises my meat, where it was raised, how it was raised, what it ate, and such. I get it takes more time and sometimes costs more but it’s worth it! :)

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