Another Sexist GoDaddy Ad

I saw the GoDaddy ad above and thought maybe for once GoDaddy made an ad that made sense and didn’t just use women. And then, I saw the other GoDaddy ad and once again GoDaddy shows their sexist side.

I still have domain names with GoDaddy as they were registered a long time ago and are paid for, but when it comes time to renew they will be moved. I already moved my hosting to GreenGeeks after the CEO of GoDaddy killed the elephant. Sexism and killing endangered species? Not something I want to support.

What did you guys think of the two GoDaddy commercials?

Disclaimer: I am an affilate for GreenGeeks and earn a percent of your fee if you order from a link on my site. I was not paid to write this and these are my honest views.

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  1. says

    I haven’t seen the commercials (no TV) but I love to see people living their values and refusing to support organizations that do things that are offensive. I stopped shopping at Lowes after I learned they pulled advertising because a television program featured Muslims as real, ordinary people – which they are.

  2. says

    UGH i find the first commercial SO MUCH MORE offensive than the second one. And not only to women- but insulting to men as well- implying that the wives are there to “mother” the “stupid” husbands. Bah.

    good for you for moving your domains.

    • says

      I can see that for sure but that’s not what I got from it, didn’t even think about that. I took it more as just they were thinking ahead a bit better, while the husbands weren’t. I guess it would be better if they at had one couple that changed roles. I guess I was just so surprised at the lack of boobs ha.

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