The Disappointing New Cement Standards

If you have been reading my blog for very long you likely know I live in a town with cement plant. The cement plant in my town is a High Priority Violator of the Clean Air Act. Knowing that I’m pretty much being poisoned by them really upsets me. I have asthma and I’m at more of a risk of being harmed by the pollution. After a long wait the EPA has finally released the new cement standards, sadly they have been weakened and I fear they won’t do much to help my town.

Today over on Moms Clean Air Force I talked about the new standards and my fears that the new standards and solid waste definitions that will also possibly hurt towns like mine. I’m also very fearful because I feel like something is up with my local cement plant, this past summer they sent out this little flyer thing talking about how great they are. They had never done something like this before and it had to cost a lot to mail these out, so I fear they are up to something. In talking to some other activists involved in cement, many believe they would be wanted to burn trash or other solid waste, they already burn tires. While that worries me, it would be better than hazardous waste, which they tried to burn many years ago but the city fought them on it.

It’s really upsetting that the cement industry continues to place profit over lives. Be sure to check out my post on Moms Clean Air Force¬†and read up on what is happening with the cement industry and the EPA.


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    Uggg….The whole corporate power in government sickens me. In my community, we are battling those who feel a uranium mine would be a great way to improve the local economy. Some of the proponents are supposedly “farmers” and they emphasize it. My research has shown that they are mainly retired tobacco farmers – in fact one sold his farm last month! And I suspect they’re investors in the mining company. Plus they’re trying to limit mining activities to our county only, so that the rest of the state will be on their side. Those of us who are trying to make a living farming are going to be severely hurt, especially those of us who promote organic produce. And the mine site? Less than 10 miles from us. I’m so sorry to hear about what is going on in your community. Corporate greed is just…evil. (Rant over. :))

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