Green Holiday Blog Carnival

Hanukkah has started and Christmas is almost here. These holiday season is often very wasteful but it doesn’t have to be. Many bloggers have posted some great info to help you green this holiday season and this post contains just a small sampling.

One wasteful part of the holidays is the wrapping. Thankfully, Nature Moms Blog has some great ways to make your holiday wrapping greener this year.

Over at Non-Toxic Kids you will find a great list of non-toxic gifts. If you aren’t done shopping you will want to check these out. You will also find some tips for making the holiday more affordable but still green.

Jen and Joey Go Green also has some great gift ideas, including some of my favorites like Soda Stream and Glass Dharma glass straws.

Mindfully Frugal Mom has two great DIY gift ideas, a chai latte mix and framed recipes.

Another great and easy DIY gift idea are the salt dough ornaments over on It Starts With Me.

Hosting a holiday party? Celebrate Green has some great green holiday game ideas that would be a blast.

Random Recycling gives some great tips on recycling wrapping paper, did you know not all of it can be? Random Recycling also has some great last minute DIY holiday decoration ideas.

Green Talk has another great green gift guide, you are sure to find great ideas on this list.

Groovy Green Livin has some great info on non-toxic Hanukkah candles. She also has some info on staying well for the holidays, this is something that is very important to me as I have asthma. I spent last Christmas VERY sick so I am working hard to stay well.

My Plastic-Free Life has a great gift as well, it’s a pack that includes her wonderful book (which I happen to be included in), the documentary Bag It, all in a beautiful cloth bag.

Want to make a cute eco-friendly wreath? Check out the one on The Eco Chic made from t-shirts.

Good Girl Gone Green has an amazing looking recipe for a vegan gingerbread smoothie. All of her recipes always sound amazing.

The Greening of Westford has information on shopping locally and green.

The Well-Groomed Hippie talks about the importances of using decorations that will last.

Over at Environmental Booty you can win some eco-friendly products for a Christmas present for yourself. You can also find some great deals on several eco-friendly gifts.

Elise over at Mommy Bites shared some great gift ideas for kids and some charities to donate to for the holidays.

Abe’s Market asked me to share some of my favorite upcycled gift ideas on their site as well this year, so be sure to check that out.

Also be sure to check out the Green Holiday Guide Pinterest board for even more ideas. And keep coming back for posts here through Christmas. And feel free to share your posts in the comments below.

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