Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Guide

Christmas generates around 300,000 tons of trash each year, part of that waste is wrapping paper. That’s a lot of waste for something we use for just a few minutes. There are many great options to help reduce the amount of waste you create this year, here are a few.

Use What You Have

Think outside the box and use things like magazines, brown paper bags, and newspaper to wrap your gifts. There are many ways to make simple items like those beautiful. Also this year be sure to save what you can from gifts you receive. Good quality wrapping paper can often be used again, gift bags can be used over and over, tissue paper and ribbons are easy to save as well.

Look for Recycled Wrapping Paper

If you really just love wrapping paper and don’t want to go the reusable route, be sure that you look for recycled wrapping paper. There are many beautiful options and most are also recyclable. Also use wisely, make sure not to over use and save any scraps that could be useable on smaller packages. If you like to do paper crafts you can save the even smaller scraps for your crafts.

Christmas Wrapping Paper (Not Available) | Winter Wonderland Wrapping Paper | Red Twinkle Wrapping Paper (Not Available)
Skaters Gift Bag (Not Available) | Mittens Wrapping Paper (Not Available)
Falling Frosties Wrapping Paper | Scarves Pillow Box (Not Available) | Snow Flurries Wrapping Paper (Not Available)

Go Reusable

Reusable gift wrap is another great option. If other people you are giving gifts to are open to it, agree to only use things that can be reused and just pass them back and forth each year. There are many options for different kinds and styles of reusable gift wrap. There are a lot of beautiful ones on Etsy, as well as the ones below.

Chewing the Cud Gift Wrap | Bag the Habit Gift Bag | ChicoBag Reusable Bag
Lucky Crow Gift Bag | Lucky Crow Gift Bag
Bag the Habit Gift Bag | Chewing the Cud Gift Wrap | Lyziwrap

Are you using any eco-friendly wrapping this year? Share what you are using below.

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    Well, there’s a good chance some of your gifts will be wrapped in something you used to wrap mine last year. Ha! I used to think people who saved wrapping paper were a little weird but now I’m one of them. If it’s heavy, quality paper without wrinkles it can certainly be used a second time. And I always save the nice bows and ribbons to reuse.

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