Eco-Friendly Advent Calendars

I love advent calendars. When I was a kid a sweet neighbor would always give my brother and me one of those paper ones filled with chocolates. It was so much fun to get to open one of the doors each night and get a little treat. While those advent calendars were fun they are full of questionable chocolates and not very eco-friendly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an advent calendar, there are many wonderful, greener options out there. Here are just a few.

This reusable advent calendar is made from linen and totally reusable. You can fill each bag with any treat you want. It can be found on the Etsy store Milch & Honig for $39.00. (They are selling out fast so if you want one hurry!)

This advent calendar is great if you are short on space! The reusable containers have magnets on the bag and are great for sticking on your fridge. It comes from the Etsy store Moore Magnets and is $48.00.

This Lego advent calendar is lots of fun to put together and the pieces can be used with other Lego sets when done or put back and used again next year. It can be found on for $29.97.

This calendar is more like the ones of my childhood. You open little doors and get chocolates but these chocolates are Fair Trade. It’s from Divine Chocolate and is around $8. They are out of stock online but check places like Whole Foods.

I recommend using natural candy from the Natural Candy Store to fill the reusable advent calendars. Most of my holiday post won’t be up until after Thanksgiving but I wanted to give people a chance to get these ordered. If you have found other great eco-friendly advent calendars, share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer for more. Photos from the Etsy stores are property of the shop owners.

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