The Issue Missing from the Debates

If you have watched the debates you may have noticed a major topic was no where to be seen, climate change. Clean coal was talked about several times, even though it isn’t real but climate change wasn’t brought up even once. Despite the growing evidence of climate change and the fact that 97% of climate scientist agree that climate change is real, there are many in power that still want us to believe there is a debate.

The U.S. senator for my district, Sen. Inhofe, is one of those leading the charge. This year his book The Greatest Hoax came out and keeps making statements in congress that climate change isn’t real and that we don’t need to address the issues.

I have always taken the approach that it doesn’t really matter that much if climate change is real, because the things we need to do to stop climate change are things that are good for us anyway. If I’m wrong and climate change isn’t real but we go ahead and make the changes we need to, we end up with cleaner air, cleaner water, lower cancer rates, lower asthma rates, energy independents, and so much more. If I’m right and we do nothing, we are pretty much screwed.

Since one senator from a small, often forgotten state isn’t going to cause all the doubt there currently is, outside of the climate science community, so what else is causing it? One group that is helping keep the denying alive is the Heartland Institute. The same group that worked with Philip Morris to “question” if there really was a link between second hand smoke and health risks. They also receive a lot of funding from top polluters.

Another group funding the climate “debate”, is the Koch Brothers. This video shows how they are fueling this fake debate.

The issue of climate change being ignored in the debates has gained so much attention that tonight Frontline is investigating it. You can watch online or on air starting October 23 at 10 pm ET on PBS. Here is a little preview of the show.

Have you been watching the debates and been disappointed in the lack of climate change discussions?

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  1. says

    I believe climate change is real because if it was not we would not have the drastic landscape changes throughout the world like deserts that were forest and also on. However, I am not convinced the causes on climate change.

    • says

      And that’s fine, personally I trust climate scientist on the issue but even if you don’t like I said in the post, there is no good reason not to clean up the planet. I don’t think anyone would deny pollution being real. :)

  2. says

    I believe atmosphere modify is actual because if it was not we would not have the extreme scenery change across the globe like deserts that were timber and also on.However i am not assured the causes on atmosphere modify…

    • says

      Well as I say above, I don’t think it really matters since if we work to fix climate change the worst thing that will happen is we will have cleaner air and water, and be energy independent. But personally I’m listening to climate scientist.

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