MTV Breaks the Climate Silence

Climate change may have been no where to be found in the debates but an interview on MTV has broken President Obama’s silence on the issue. Here is what he had to say.

President Obama said he is “surprised [climate change] didn’t come up in one of the debates,” but this has left many wondering, why if he believes it’s a “critical issue,” he didn’t bring it up.

Of course, the fact that people would try and “debate” over climate change and not just what we need to do to address it, is pretty depressing. Climate scientists agree overwhelmingly but we still have to debate over it? Shows the power that corporations have over us.

One thing is clear, President Obama has made it clear that he agrees with climate scientist on climate change, while Romney’s opinion has changed and I believe the latest is that he isn’t sure if it’s human caused or not. Sadly, both President Obama and Romney have spoken about how they want to use “clean coal” something that is made up.

So what do you think about the fact that climate change wasn’t in the debates and President Obama’s comments on it in the MTV interview?

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  1. says

    Well I’m glad the President mentioned it, but it’s surprising that of all interviews he said it on the MTV one – I don’t suppose the typical MTV watcher would be one needing convincing that global warming is in fact very real.
    The only way to really address the issue is by a mass public movement – politics just can’t deliver.

  2. says

    I read an article which suggested that neither candidate talked about it because we are beyond fixing it and they don’t want to be the bearers of bad news. I have a feeling that that is probably the most honest reason why they haven’t talked about it. Debating it or whether it is caused by humans is really beside the point … it is a fact and people can ignore it and suffer the consequences or do something about it. And I agree … there is no such thing as clean coal. My personal belief is that world leaders need to make some very tough & serious mandates to pull us out of trouble. But getting that to happen is probably impossible. I never say never, though … it could happen.

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      I can see that more for the left, living in Oklahoma I have to hear a lot of climate denial and my guess is the right doesn’t want to turn those people off. Jon Huntsman was one of the few republicans during the debate that said he fully believed in climate change and he did very poorly, in part because of that. My own senator, Inhofe, is a large part of the problem.

      I do fear we have reached the point of no return already but I hope we haven’t and that we will find a way to solve this. I really thought a few years ago that if we started having the very clear signs, like we do now, that people would wake up. I’m sad that I really haven’t seen an increase, at least in my part of the country, in people that are willing to believe the science.

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    I believe both presidential candidates are smart people, and I think they both believe firmly that climate change is happening. They are also politicians, and are, so to speak between rock oil and a hard place. The pressure they feel from companies who rely on fossil fuels to do their business (not just Exxon et al.) must be phenomenal; I think it is this that is keeping climate change out of the national discussion.

    My own suspicion is that we won’t get government for the people until campaign reforms have cut the financial connections between our politicians and companies whose interest may or may not coincide with that of the general electorate.

    • says

      Yes I believe both are smart and Mitt Romney has said he believes in climate change but at times he has said he isn’t sure if it’s human caused, though I read yesterday that now he is saying it is human caused.

      I agree about getting the money out of government. I’m volunteering for an amazing women running for US congress in my district, she has refused to take PAC money, even though it would greatly help her campaign. She wants her only ties to be to the people, not big business. I really hope we can get her to congress, we need more like her.

  4. says

    Well to be sincere I’m considering it only came up because he was requested for. I wish it had been a actual image with the controversy.Really it is so informative article….

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