Homemade Daily Shower Spray

I don’t think many people enjoy cleaning their shower and because of this there are a lot of daily shower sprays on the market. You simply spray the shower each day and should have to clean it less often. This is great in theory but many of these products have very harmful ingredients, so you just end up inhaling toxic fumes daily.

There is an easy and cheap way to use this same concept without the toxins, make your own with natural ingredients. I read lots of different recipes and made up my own based on what I read people liked and didn’t like. This one is great for hard water and showers that tend to have mold issues.


  • 1/3 cup vodka
  • 3 1/2 cups water, I use filtered water to avoid some of the minerals that are in my tap water.
  • 20 drops or so of tea tree oil


Now this is pretty tricky, you mix all of the ingredients in a clean spray bottle & spray the shower daily.
You could also add some peppermint essential oils or another scent you like with the tea tree oil. The tea tree oil helps kill mold and other germs so I would leave it in, if you don’t have mold issues you could switch the tea tree oil for something like lavender essential oils which also kill germs but don’t help as much with mold.

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  1. YourOrganicLife says

    I would also add some oregano essential oil.  It’s one of the best oils as it’s antiviral, antifungal, and anti-bacterial.  It’s a real powerhouse oil.  Thanks for the recipe Lisa.  I’m adding this to my green cleaning recipe binder.

    • retrohousewife5 says

       @YourOrganicLife That’s a good idea! There are a lot of great essential oils you can add to this. It’s a good starting point. Mold is my main issue so the tea tree oil is great for that. 

  2. MelissaJonesEllis says

    Does it need shaken up each time you use it? If not, I could put it in my automatic shower cleaner… The liquid it came with has way too strong a smell.

  3. says

    This is a fantastic idea! As noted, almost any essential oil can be added depending on the issue. Citrus oils would also leave a nice scent – lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit. To keep essential oils mixed with water, mix them in a glass measuring cup with a small spoonful of epsom salt. Once the salt and oils are combined, add the liquids per the recipe and mix until the salt desolves. The salt will help emulsify the oils so they won’t separate from the water and vodka.

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