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If you have been a reader for very long, you likely know I have some chronic health problems, like asthma and fibromyalgia. Several ago I was pretty sick, I seemed to always be in a fibro flare to the point of not being able to get out of bed some days, my blood pressure was high, my insulin levels were high, my doctor was always running some test on me, and I gained a lot of weight.

I tried to lose weight the more traditional ways and nothing happened. I started to switch to organic/whole foods, eliminating toxic chemicals from my house, stopped eating fast food, and overall living a more natural lifestyle, finally I started to lose some weight and I lowered my blood pressure and insulin and my fibromyalgia symptoms have greatly decreased.

While I am quite healthy at this point and my doctor is pretty happy if I just maintain my current weight, I have started to focus more on fitness, now that I found diet (by diet I mean way of eating, not a short term diet to lose weight) that seems to work for me (though I’m sure less sugar wouldn’t hurt me, ha). For me, working out is not about losing weight, though I hope to do some of that as well, but about being as healthy as possible.

My husband had two knee surgeries this summer to help fix some of the problems in his knees due to osteochondritis dissecans so he is also working on his fitness levels, to rehab and to help prevent future knee problems. To help both of us in our goals we decided to join a local gym this past week. Joining a gym seemed like a good way to keep us both working out as we would have more options and changing up your workout can help keep you on track and interested. I’m excited because they have an indoor pool and swimming is great exercise for people with fibromyalgia and asthma.

My goals are to gain flexibility, strength (I don’t want to be bulky, just stronger), increase my current good health, have decreased joint pain, and lose weight. I’m not setting a weight goal because I don’t care what my weight is, I care that I’m healthy and that I lose some inches. However, I will say I believe 35-55 lbs is around what I should likely lose to reach my other goals.

As I go on this journey I will share my progress, set backs, and tips. I also encourage you to check out Go Green, Get Fit. It’s an eco-friendly fitness challenge going on right now, you will find lots of great info from some wonderful bloggers. I would also love to hear your tips, goals, and such, please share in the comments below and if you are blogging about your journey feel free to leave a link as well.

*A lot of my weight gain was due to a medication I was on, when my doctor was able to track this down as being the issue and switched it I finally stopped gaining. So be sure to talk to your doctor if you start to gain a lot of weight without diet or lifestyle changes. There are medical reasons you can suddenly gain weight as well

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