Alternative Menstrual Products

There are a lot of reasons to use natural menstrual products. But what is the right option for you? There are actually a lot of great options so you are sure to find one that works for you. Here are some of the options for you to try.

Natural Disposable Menstrual Products

Maxim makes menstrual products that use natural fibers like 100% certified organic and natural cotton. The products are free of chlorine/dioxin, hypoallergenic, and more eco-friendly.

They carry tampons with cardboard applicators or without applicators and there are several size options. They also have several different pads and panty liners. They even carry organic cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton rounds. All are better alternatives to options you find in most stores which are full of pesticides and often other toxins.

I have tried several of Maxim‘s products and they are all high quality and very comfortable. They are a good option if you want to stick to more tradition disposable products. Even if you use reusable products it can be nice to have some disposables around for emergencies or in case a friend is over and needs something.

Natracare is another great brand. They have been around since 1989 and make a wide range of products. They offer several styles of pads and tampons. They use certified organic and natural, plant-derived materials. They don’t use toxic chemical and additives. They also only use products that are certified free from animal testing. Many Gynecologists agree that natural menstrual products like Natracare are the way to go.

“Many gynecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare in order to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, and also products containing synthetics, latex and super absorbents made from petrochemicals.”

I have used some of Natracare products for a long time and also had the chance to try more of their products. I have always been happy with them and I’m happy to know they aren’t harming my body and are more gentle on the environment.

Reusable Menstrual Cups

The DivaCup is one popular menstrual cup. It’s made of silicone. And it’s BPA and latex free. It can safely be worn for up to 12 hours with out the risks of TSS. Menstrual cups are a great alternative to tampons. They save you a lot of money of the course of your lifetime as they only need to be replaced around once a year or every few years, depending on a lot of factors. The DivaCup also doesn’t dry you out like tampons can.

The Lunette menstrual cup is another great option. They are made in Finland and also use silicon. Like the DivaCup they can last years, easy to clean, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Lunette menstrual cups come in several colors. The colors in the cups are safe and free of heavy metals.

Reusable Menstrual Pads

Lunapads are one great option for reusable pads. They have a ton of different colors and sizes. They also offer organic cotton options, which I like. Reusable pads are very comfortable and I have used several different Lunapads and I love all of them. I haven’t ever been a fan of pads because they are often loud, uncomfortable and just gross. However, Lunapads are so soft and since they are made from cotton and don’t have those nasty plastic backs they aren’t noisy!

The pads simply snap on to your panties so no sticky glue to mess with. Several of the pad styles have removable (still reusable) liners you can use in the pads, if you change them before they soak through you can use one pad all day and just change the liners which attach via ric rac.

Lunapads also carries wet bags which make caring for your pads easier. Just rinse out your pads and stick them in your wet bag until you can throw them in the washer with your other laundry. Another great item Lunapads carries is their Lunapanties. They are panties that have little straps you just slide a liner in, so there are less things to mess with. Even if you only wear pads on occasion, you should try Lunapads!

Gladrags are another great brand of reusable menstrual pads. They also have several options and even have organic cotton options. With Gladrags you stuff them with a liner or two for heavy days. They are also very easy to use and very soft. They also snap around your panties.¬†One of the great things about cloth pads is how breathable they are. It’s important for your sensitive skin to be able to breath. This is something you will very much appreciate during the hot summer months.

I got the chance to try a Gladrags and they are a great product. I’m very sensitive and I find Gladrags to be comfortable and soft. They are so much better than conventional pads. I can’t even image going back to disposables!

I recommend trying these products until you find the one that works best for you. Every woman is different and that’s why it’s so great to have this many options. Don’t lose hope if one or more options aren’t right for you, just keep trying. And to help you try these products there will be several great giveaways this weekend! What’s better than trying new products for free?

If you use any natural and/or reusable options which are your favorites and why?


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  1. says

    I have now had the fortune to try both the cloth pads and the menstrual cups. I love my GladRags and some handmade pads and liners that I have. I find them no different to take care of than the cloth diapers I have for my son. Actually, they are less of a pain :)

    The cups on the other hand I have not had good experiences with. I have trouble inserting, positioning and removing without physically and psychologically scarring myself. I love that they can be worn overnight without leaks, but I have a lot of reservations and issues I can’t seem to handle with them.

    I have found some reusable tampons (two different versions) on etsy I want to try. There is no possibility of a huge cup rim popping open before it is outside of my body.

  2. Emily says

    I like the Natracare products for when I’m not using my Diva Cup. I love the reusable cup b/c I don’t have to worry about carting around a load of supplies (and it has kept my budget in check, too!)

  3. says

    I tried the cup and thought it was extremely uncomfortable. The Glad Rags, on the other hand, were wonderful and very easy to launder. The only problem was that my son kept asking “What is this? A sock? A scarf?” I don’t let him help with that load of laundry anymore, LOL.

  4. Sarah McBride says

    Thank you so much! I have been searching for organic disposable pads and hadn’t found many until I came across your blog post :)

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