Why Gas Boycott Days Don’t Work

car filling up with gasGas boycott days have been going around the internet for years now. As much as I love a good boycott, I boycott more than my fair share of businesses, gas boycott days won’t lower gas prices or impact the amount of oil we are using and here is why.

  • People will just fill up the day before the boycott and soon after. It doesn’t change how much gas they are buying. So the money lost on the boycott day is made up for on other days.
  • This boycott doesn’t change habits.
  • To make a real impact people would have to not drive that day. And then there are emergency vehicles, lawn care equipment, delivery trucks, etc…
  • Many of these boycotts have also called for boycotting on oil company, like many called for a boycott of BP. These don’t work very well either as the gas you buy likely contains gas from lots of different companies. Also many gas stations are privately owned so the individual will end up being hurt more than the CEO’s/company.

There are ways to make a real impact when it comes to oil and gas.

  • Avoid using your car as much as possible. Walk, use public transpiration, carpool, bike, or just stay home.
  • Use battery powered lawn equipment.
  • Drive smart. You can increase your gas milage by driving better, reduce your speed, brake and accelerate gently, and plan your trips well.
  • When buying a new car, buy the one with the highest gas milage that fits your needs.

We all need to work to reduce our dependence on oil. It’s a resource that will run out and some believe it will be in short supply in many of our life times. So, have you worked to reduce your dependence on oil? If so, what are your tips?

Photo Credit: Average Jane

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