Sustainable Jewelry from Era Gem

I love jewelry but a lot of jewelry goes against my social and environmental standards. Lately, people are becoming more aware of these issues such as mining problems and conflict diamonds and metals.

With these issues becoming more well known, many are turning to estate jewelry as a way to have nice pieces without the negative impact. When I got engaged I didn’t know about antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings but if I had I would have been interested for sure. I recently became aware of Era Gem and I have been drooling over many of their pieces. I’m especially in love with all of the sapphire engagement rings. Some girls love diamonds, while I do love diamonds, I have a soft spot for sapphires, rubies, and amethysts.

I’ve always loved vintage and antique jewelry, knowing the pieces have history is so neat. I have a few older pieces from my grandmother and I love the unique look of the pieces. Older jewelry seems to have so much more detail than you often see in modern pieces.

And men, Era Gem doesn’t just have pieces for you to buy the women in your life, they also have some great pieces for men. They have everything from wedding rings to watches. There is a great selection for both men and women!

I encourage everyone to go check out Era Gem and bookmark it, for anytime you are in the market for some beautiful jewelry. Be warned though, your wish list may become quite large!


*Disclosure: Era Gem is one of my advertisers and I received compensation from Era Gem for this post. However, these are my views and the payment did not affect my post. I was not directed in anyway on what to write about for this post, I only accept advertisers and sponsored posts from companies that share my values and I support.

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