BP Oil Spill Two Years Later

Today is the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It has been two years and even though it’s no longer on the news and people are pushing for more offshore drilling, the impacts are still being felt. As the video below shows, birds in impacted areas are still suffering as well as the area they use as breeding grounds.

It’s not just birds that are still suffering, fish are still sick as well. The Associated Press reports-

“A recent batch of test results revealed the presence of oil in the bile extracted from fish caught in August 2011, nearly 15 months after the well blew out on April 20, 2010, in a disaster that killed 11 men.”- read more

And wildlife is not alone in feeling these affects, many people are still having on-going health problems have to the spill. Aljazeera talked to one of the families that has tested positive for chemicals from the BP oil spill.

“There are now dozens, if not hundreds, of other Gulf Coast residents and former oil clean up workers that have also tested positive for having BP’s chemicals in their blood,” she added. “And for many of us, the problem seems to be getting worse with time.”- read more

Aljazeera also talked about the chemicals that are making these people sick.

“Seemingly compounding the problem, BP has admitted to using at least 1.9 million gallons of toxic dispersants, which are banned by many countries, including the UK. According to many scientists, these dispersants create an even more toxic substance when mixed with crude oil.”- read more

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is working on studying the health effects on the 55,000 works and volunteers. They will be following participants for up to ten years. The chemicals these workers have been exposed to can cause damage to the kidneys, liver and nervous system.

Even as these impacts are still being felt by people and animals in the gulf, GOP members are pushing for more offshore drilling.

“The market will respond to America saying we’re going to stop this problem using American resources for American energy issues,” said Duncan, who represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District. “That’s deep water, near-shore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf, that’s opening up some federal lands to exploration and drilling to meet our energy needs and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.”- Rep. Duncan in a press release

So now the question is, will we learn from our past mistakes or as we move on will we forget what happened on April 20th, 2010 in the Gulf Coast?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”- George Santayana

Photo Credit: lagohsep

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    Oh, the issue of the toxic dispersants infuriates me. People were talking about then and those who were critical were dismissed. Now we are seeing the short-term consequences and the long-term effects will not likely be pretty. We just have to keep educating and keep working to ensure better health for the people who live in the area, those who worked on the spill, and the wildlife.

  2. says

    Having just returned from New Orleans I can tell you this issue is still very much on the minds of folks along the Gulf. On the other hand, the oil industry is hugely important to their economy so there are a lot of conflicted feelings.

  3. says

    Industries who profit from our ignorance will do their best to help us forget. It’s up to individuals to keep the public reminded of what they want us to forget, like you have done with this excellent post. Thank you for that.

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