My Green Resolutions

First off sorry for the lack of posts since Christmas. Being sick for a few weeks really put me behind in everything! I guess one of my resolutions this year needs to be to stay on top of things better.

It’s been 2012 for three weeks now and I still write 2011 for the date and have a hard time believing it’s a new year. When did time start going by so fast? I guess this means it’s time to set my goals for the year (I really like the word goals more than resolutions, not sure why). These are the goals I have thought of so far.

Waste Less Food– I feel like I do better at this than the average American family but I also feel I can still do better. This goal is not only great for the environment but it also saves money. Who wants to buy food only to throw it away because you forgot about it? So far I’ve been doing a little better. I haven’t done a major grocery shopping trip since early December and we are trying to eat what we have. One thing I’ve done this month that I haven’t done before is I saved the bacon fat after I cooked some bacon (organic and un-cured of course). I used it to make popcorn and cook up some onions. You don’t need much for either so it isn’t as bad as it seems. This may seem like something pretty small but small things add up. That was a couple of tablespoons of oil I didn’t have to use and organic olive oil and coconut oil are not cheap.

Buy Less Packaged Food– We already eat less packaged food than most. I bake all of our hamburger buns, rolls, pizza crusts, Italian bread, etc… I also bake our desserts for the most part and our dinners are almost always from scratch. I do however still buy organic sandwich bread, tortillas, canned spaghetti sauce (in glass!), some chips and crackers and things like that. I love to bake so I really should be making more things from scratch. I really want to learn to make crackers. I’m sure we will still buy some organic packaged food but I figure the less we buy the better. This will help on how much recycling and trash we have!

Better Promote Local Recycling– I’m a member of my local recycling coalition and we just helped get curbside recycling in my town. This is very new to this area so I want to work more on getting the word out about it and educating people about recycling. I know few people on my street are using their bins (I have two, because we recycle most of our trash), I want to change that. Not sure what that will mean but I want to start coming up with ideas. I would like to maybe even work with the trash company and city in getting the word out.

Continue to Bring Awareness to Cement Kiln Pollution– If you have read this blog very long you know this is a big issue for me. I live just over 2 miles away from a cement kiln that is on the high priority violator of the Clear Air Act list. This issue seems to be overlooked even by many environmental groups and I hope to change that. I’ve already had a phone call and several emails with one big environmental group and a local chapter of another group is going to talk to me about it. I hope to get this issue out there more as it’s even more important right now with the TRAIN Act and a few other deregulation acts that will effect cement kilns.

Those are my big goals this year. I also hope to keep up with blogging more and work more on the site I run, Green Oklahoma. I would love to hear about my readers goals/resolutions, please post them in the comments below or if you have blogged about it post your link in the comments below. Let’s make 2012 a greener year!


This is my post for the Green Mom’s Carnival. This month’s topic isĀ “Resolutions to Fight Climate Change.” It’s hosted by Amber at Be sure to go to to check out the other great posts.


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    Lisa, great goals! One of my goals is to live more sustainably, part of which means trying to make more things from scratch and reduce my waste stream. I haven’t gotten good about baking, though – find in intimidating. I’ve become very conscious of plastic and have completely eliminated plastic bottles in my shower as I use only shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars.

    • says

      I LOVE baking. I’ve been baking since I was 2 years old standing on a stool in my grandma’s kitchen. It’s the clean up after the baking I don’t like haha.

      Have you found a good shampoo bar that is plastic free and free of palm oil?

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    Thanks for sharing Lisa, great goals. Love your activism, voice and commitment to cleaning the air in your community and for all of us. Keep up the great work and be well…

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    Do you really make your own hamburger buns? I’m very impressed Lisa.

    Your goals for 2012 are inspirational. Your work in your own community is admirable and will hopefully continue. I really enjoy reading about your town and the big effort you are making for clean air. Keep doing what you are doing-you will make a difference!

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