Oklahoma is Burning Up

And I mean that literally! We have been having record high temps, even had the hottest July on record in Oklahoma. The whole state is under a burn ban because we are also having the worst drought since 1921. We have had a few cooler days and some rain the past few days but we are still in a major drought and will be back up to triple digits next week.

Last week my dad, a volunteer fire, fought a fire in a near by town that was over 600 acres. He then shortly after had to fight one near my town that burned around 740 acres. That fire went on for about 18 hours and he was out there for about 12 or so of those hours. They didn’t leave the fire until around 4 a.m. There were even bigger fires around the state last week as well.

My town was under a water emergency for awhile, after the rain they lifted it but I don’t think it should have been. We got maybe 1-2 inches of rain in the last 78 days, that’s not enough to fill the aquifer and springs. We are still under watering restrictions but we need more, IMO.

I have never seen it so dry. Everything is dying. To give you an idea how bad it is, here are some pictures.

Near by fire

Same fire

This was one of my flower barrels in July, they are all dead now.

Dead 2 year old lily and marigolds. This is with almost daily watering.

This was mid-July, it's much worse now.

This was mid-July, cracks are bigger, deeper and there are more of them.

This tree is around 15 or more years old. We have even been watering it.

Oklahoma has a lot of farms and ranches but many are having to sell because of the weather. Hay prices are quite high and it’s also hard to find. Normally right now people would be cutting hay for the second time this year but instead they are already feeding livestock hay due to the lack of grass. We also had a terrible winter. We had record snow fall, were in a drought (snow doesn’t add much moisture), and had a freeze in May which is almost unheard of around here. So Oklahoma is really hurting. We are under a state of emergency and have been for awhile now.

If you would like to help the firefighters (97% of our firefighters are volunteers) and Oklahoman’s please donate to the Central Oklahoma branch of the American Red Cross. They take food and water to the firefighters, have set up cooling stations, and are helping families that have lost homes due to the fires.


Photo Credits: Fire photos are property of Pontotoc County Emergency Management. Other photos are my personal photos.

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  1. says

    Lisa, thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Although I’ve heard you speak about this before, seeing the photos really drove it home for me. I will set this up to tweet out this week. Also, you may want to update your link to the local Red Cross to this specific link…it goes right to the local disaster relief, making it easier for people to donate.


    Please let us know if there is anything specific we can do for you, Lisa.

    Hang in there, Lynn

    • says

      Sadly there have been several heat related deaths around here and at least one firefighter has died. I know of at least one other injured firefighters but sure there is more than that. :(

  2. Mary says

    How awful, we have so many fires out here in OC that we give them a month. If it’s burning, it must be October. Good luck!

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