21 Day Reusable Challenge

Can you ditch disposables for just 21 days? Even if you have already ditched some, are there more you could do without? Right now is a great time to try this challenge because Reuseit is having a huge summer sale. And while I encourage you to use what you have before buying more stuff, if you need a few things this is the time to stock up. Here are some items that can help you ditch disposables and are on sale so they will save you even more money! (click on the images to view the product)

Earthlust Stainless Steel Bottle- on sale for $9.95


Glass Water Bottle- on sale for $7.95


Hemp and Organic Cotton Reusable Bag- on sale for $7.95


BlueAvocado Produce Bags- on sale for $7.95

Graze Organic Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags- on sale for $35.95


DivaCup- on sale for $31.95


There are dozens of other products on Reuseit.com that are up to 70% off for a limited time. Hurry and check it out before the sale runs out! And let me know if you take the 21 Day Reusable Challenge and how it goes.


Disclaimer: I am an affliate for ReuseIt. If you order from the links in this post I earn a small percent. However, I was not paid for this post and all of the opinions in the post are my own. For more info please read my full disclaimer.

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    Lisa, I’ve been working on eliminating reusables for quite some time. Taking a challenge like this is great as it helps establish new habits. After challenging myself to avoid plastic bags, I now grab my reusable bags without even thinking about it. And since I’ve long been an opponent of bottled water (and quit my soft drink habit), the reusable water and drink bottle is also a no-brainer.

    • says

      I agree it does become a habit. I always have a bag in my purse and take all of them when I do monthly grocery shopping. I also remember to take my bottle with me most places.

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