Is Nuclear Energy Green Energy?

It’s important to first know what has been happening at Japan’s nuclear reactors. Here is a video from CNN that helps explain.

As you can see even when we plan for disasters things still can go wrong. I talked about this last week and the Green Mom’s Carnival decided we needed to have an emergency carnival to talk about these issues. And as always we all have a lot to say.

Diane at the Big Green Purse reminds us that it wasn’t that long ago the US had a disaster cause by our use of often dangerous forms of energy. She also shares three big mistakes we make when it comes to energy.

Deanna of Crunchy Chicken talks about being in the path of radiation if the near by plant has a large leak. She asks us if nuclear energy is really worth the risk. Do you know if you are also in the path of a nuclear plant? You can find out on Greenpeace’s website.

Karen of Best of Mother Earth talks about how detached we are from what’s going on in Japan. And wonders what she would do if a disaster like Japan’s happened here.

Betsy of Eco-Novice shares several different positions by different people on nuclear energy. She also talks about how we can all help by reducing our use of energy, no matter where it comes from.

Jennifer of Puddle Jumping in DC asks on Care2, “do we need nuclear power to stop global warming?” She talks about an analysis by Environment America which states we need to cut power plant emissions by around half over the next ten years. She goes on to talk about the fact that it often takes that long just to build a nuclear plant.

Jennae of Green and Gorgeous not only talks about the tragedy in Japan but also shares many ways we can help the people of Japan.

Harriet of Climate Mama talks about how we often overlook the everyday poisoning that is coming from our use of fossil fuels. She talks about how she and other environmentalist still believe nuclear may need to be an option to get us to a green energy future.

And last but not least, Tiffany of Nature Moms Blog tells us what we can do if we are in the path of radiation.

Take Action
Now that you have read what’s going on and our views on the issue here are somethings you can do.

If you agree that nuclear power is not a green form of energy, tell congress to end nuclear power.

No matter your views on the issue is we can all agree what is happening in Japan is tragic. You can donate to help the people of Japan by using the button on the right side of this blog or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. You can also give to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance by visiting their website.

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  1. Harriet says

    Thanks Lisa for putting all this information together in one place! Such a difficult question, with so many different answers..

  2. Abbie says

    Great information and discussion!
    Just to share another side note…I saw an article that said there were some wind turbines very close to the earthquake site and they had no damage at all!
    Thanks for sharing all the links!

  3. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says

    Great list of some amazing bloggers! It is so sad that we are again having to have a conversation about the safety of nuclear energy after a disaster.

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