Groupon Tibet Ad: Win or Fail?

If you were on Facebook or Twitter during the Superbowl you likely have heard a lot about this ad. The Elephant Journal said “I’d love to see similar “humor” inspired by other genocides. Oh, wait, no, I wouldn’t.”

The Wall Street Journal said about the ad “It’s not clear yet whether Groupon sought controversy for its Super Bowl commercial to gain publicity, but either way the venture capital-backed daily deal site sure got it.”

I personally found it terribly disrespectful and tasteless. Some are saying it’s fine because they ask you to donate to the causes on their website but does that really make it okay to make light of others pain? What about all the money they spent on the ads? What could that have done for these causes?


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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree with you … it was in very bad taste. Later, during or after Glee! on Fox, another one for Groupon aired .. this time riffing on saving the rain forest but instead saving money on a spa or something. Worst ads in a long time.

  2. Tmink says

    Way out-of-bounds. Amazed that someone in the company didn't speak up about the ads. Must be an organization of yes-men. Just as distasteful is US policy that freely cooperates with China and doesn't put diplomatic pressure on govt. To let non vital province it's freedom.

  3. Laura Kaeding says

    That's terrible… I can't believe they would even think that it would be acceptable in any form. Thank you for sharing this, I didn't watch the Superbowl and now I'm glad I didn't. I hate to think of the poor sleep I would have gotten from being angry about that ad.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin says

    I found it offensive, too. Even as a consumer the message was, "the original is okay, but better to get a substandard Americanized version and hey! You can get it cheap with a coupon!" As a consumer I was offended and if I was from Tibet I'd have been offended–major FAIL.

  5. Erin aka Conscious Shopper says

    Right after this commercial aired, I said to my husband, "That was in very poor taste." I'm really surprised they would make a commercial like that. It wasn't funny at all.

  6. Lisa Sharp says

    Anonymous: I believe there are a total of 4, all annoy be but the Tibet one is just over the top.

    Tmink: Yup!

    Laura: It made me quite mad as well. My Facebook feed was flooded with people that disliked it as well.

    Green Girl: Yeah it's highly offensive to anyone that has been personally affected by the issues in Tibet!

    Erin: I don't get how it would be funny either.

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