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My family has been trying the last couple of years to make Christmas more meaningful. For the last two Christmases part of our gifts have been a trip to do something together. Last year we went to the Flaming Lips New Years Eve concert/party and this year we went to see the OKC Thunder play. The memories we are making will last much longer than any gifts. So here is a little recap of our trip.

My husband and I needed to do our month grocery shopping- our local town is lacking in organic/real food so we shop just once a month in Norman- and he needed to take the GRE. We decided to not waste gas and do it all the same weekend. We left right after Justin got off work and did all of our grocery shopping, other than the cold stuff, and went to eat at my favorite little cafe, the Pink Elephant and then ran some errands like recycling our glass (glass isn’t recycled in my town).  We stayed the night at a hotel in Norman and early the next morning Justin took the GRE in Oklahoma City.

After he got back we packed up and did a little shopping we needed to do and then had lunch with one of my best friends, who lives up in Norman, and her boyfriend. We had a great time with them and after ran a couple of more errands. A little bit later I heard from my parents that they were heading up to OKC so we headed that way as well. We checked in to the beautiful Skirvin Hotel and hung out in the hotel for a little while.

Once my brother and his friend got there as well and everyone had gotten into their rooms, we headed out for dinner. One of the nice things about the Skirvin is their limo service. We took the limo over to the restaurant had a quick dinner and walked over to the Ford Center. The game was wonderful, the Thunder won but it was a pretty close game which made it exciting. We all really want to go to more games now.

After the game we headed back to the hotel to enjoy their nice Red Piano Bar. After spending some time there we got the limo to take us over to Mickey Mantels, where the Thunder like to hang out after the game. Sadly to many people know that now and it was full so we went to the Skky Bar that was next door. After awhile there we decided to head back to the quieter and more relaxing Red Piano Bar.

While my dad and husband waiting in the cold for the limo my mom, brother, and my brother’s friend waited in the little lobby area of Mickey Mantel’s. I didn’t find out until later but we were standing with Nick Collison of the OKC Thunder. He was just chatting with some other people waiting out there and seemed really nice. Once we got back to the hotel we sat, chatted and had some drinks in the hotel lobby for awhile. They had someone playing the piano and it was a nice relaxing end to the night.

We all had such a great time and loved to spend the time together, and also enjoyed the activities. It was much more meaningful than some gift picked from a list. I encourage everyone to think about doing something like this for Christmas next year. It doesn’t have to be something this big, I know we are lucky to get to do things like this, but any activity can be fun. Trips to the zoo, dinner out, camping (though I would wait for warmer weather haha), whatever you can afford and you enjoy doing. Memories are so much better than stuff!

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  1. Deanna says

    It was a great weekend and I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. You are absolutely right; making memories is so much better than more "stuff".

  2. fearlesschef says

    We do things like that for our anniversary and Valentine's day instead of gifts. It's so much more fun when you can go as a family!

    I took my MCATs in OKC!!! I almost did my GRE there, too but wound up booking it in Ohio since I had moved by then. Funny how that one little thing conjured up all sorts of memories of Ok for me!

  3. Simply Green says

    Gorgeous photos, it looks like you had a blast! Having such memorable gifts is so inspiring, I love the idea. I'm glad you and your family had fun!

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin says

    What fun! I'm trying to convince my in-laws to meet us in the Wisconsin Dells for our Christmas next year…

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