Love Beats Hate

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Mother Teresa 

It seems everywhere you look these days is hate. After a terrible display of hate on Facebook a group of bloggers decided we want to beat this hate with love. In the words of Virgil, “Love conquers all.” So this event is not about the hate that started it but the love that will conquer it.
While the cat fights seem to be what we hear the most about in the blog world there are amazing things happening here as well. Yesterday is an example of the love that is also being shown. I told my friends at the Green Mom’s Carnival about my struggles with a local cement plant and they jumped in to help! Even though it was a tough topic that most knew little about they worked hard to help me get the word out and touched my life more than they will ever know. This kind of love and support is what makes the blog world great and this is the part we should focus on. 
In my life off the computer (I really do turn it off sometimes) I have seen a lot of hate, largely centering around politics. I was talking to a friend of mine just this past weekend about how when it boils down to it most of us are very lucky. If you have a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, and clean water to drink then you are better off than a large part of the world. While we are worried about if health care should be provided by the government or should be private, people in third world countries don’t have any health care to fight over. We need to stop and count our many blessings and focus more on the good. We also need to look harder to find middle grounds and see we all have the same goal of making this a better place.
Take time today to think about the good in your life and spread a little love. If you have a blog consider posting something about love vs hate and share it. You can sign up here by clicking here. Also please like the Facebook page. The Beatles said it best “all you need is love.”

Photo Credit: missrogue

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