The Green Mom’s Carnival Takes a Look at Cement

This month the Green Mom’s Carnival is talking about cement. If you have been following this blog for very long you know this issue is very important to me as I live in a town with a cement plant. This cement plant is putting off cancer causing toxins while telling our town that they are “going green“and care about the community.

Most of us know that coal power plants are a large contributor of mercury emissions but did you know that cement plants are the third-largest contributor of mercury emissions? And these plants are all over the US, and the world. I live just 2.5 miles from a plant. Do you know how close you are to one? Earthjustice has an interactive map that can tell you just how far you are from a cement plant.

I want to share a video with you of a young boy that lives near a cement plant in Texas and is suffering from asthma. He does such a great job not only talking about what the cement plant has done to him but talking about how we want these plants cleaned up and not just shut down.


Other Things We Should Know About Cement

Cement is often is marketed as a green product because it’s non-toxic and recyclable (yet it rarely is). Sarah of Practically Green talks about the green side of cement, but is cement really ever sustainable and green if the manufacturing is so toxic? Lynn at OrganicMania asks “What ever happened to cradle-to-cradle? How can concrete be considered green by the architects, yet be a poison to those unfortunate enough to live in the shadow of the cement plants?”

There is more talk of concrete countertops this month as Lisa of Condo Blues takes a looks at the pros and cons of these countertops and Micaela at Mindful Momma finds out the hard way that not only may these countertops not be green, they may not even be durable and gives us better options.

Harriet at Climate Mama talks about the links between cement and climate change and why we need to “think outside the box” and find ways to build greener. Linda at Citizen Green is also talking cement and climate change and finding alternatives to cement.

And last but not least Karen at Best of Mother Earth shares a moving essay about a woman who fought to be able to remove her cement driveway for something truly green.

Please be sure to read all of these great posts from the Green Mom’s Carnival and learn more about this common material. And remember in the words of Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Photo Credit: abarndweller

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