A Greener Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be full of waste. 55 million roses are given globally on Valentine’s Day. A lot of those roses are flown in from Holland (in the Netherlands), meaning a lot of C02 to get those roses to you. And sometimes those roses even come in crazy amounts of plastic.Then there are the cards, candy, dinners out, etc… That can make for a very wasteful holiday.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Last year I wrote about my Valentine’s Day trip to the zoo where my husband got me some Valentine’s gifts made from elephant poop. I also wrote last year about the waste from Valentine’s Day.


This months APLS Carnival is all about how to green Valentine’s Day, so here are some great tips to help you this year.

Beth at Fake Plastic Fish talks more about all the plastic crap made just for Valentine’s Day. It’s shocking to me that people buy this stuff. Oh and by the way you can make your own message dice. Not that I would know this or anything.

Mrs. Green over at Little Green Blog shares great tips on greening everything from cards to chocolate. Don’t worry if elephant poop gifts aren’t for you, this list doesn’t have any poop on it.

Robbie at Going Green Mama gives great ideas for ideas that are full of love and not waste! She puts it so well “But acts of love don’t have to be costly or conventional, and they don’t have to come shrink-wrapped in a box of chocolates, fuzzed-up in a teddy bear or trimmed down in a tiny nightie. Everyday moments can show the love for one another.”

Deanna at Crunchy Chicken gives more great ideas and even gives you some tips to help green the end of the night. *wink wink*

Jenn at The Green ParentAround the world, approximately one billion Valentine cards are sent out each year.” That’s a lot of cards but she has great ways to help cut that number down and other ways to green your Valentine’s Day.

Anna at Green Talk gives a great list of ten ways to green your Valentine’s day. She also helps you with some green tips for your end of the night fun. *more winking*

 Over at The Green Phone Booth the Greenhabilitator gives some great DYI gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Over at Citizen Green you will find some great ideas for thinking outside the box this Valentine’s day.

Abbie at The Farmer’s Daughter shares wonderful recipes that use frozen strawberries or jam so you don’t have to use strawberries that have been shipped long distances to have a yummy Valentine’s Day dessert.

Mrs. Green gives us even more great tips over at My Zero Waste. These great tips will make your Valentine’s Day special without all the waste!

Lisa at Condo Blues shares a wonderful recipe for this Valentine’s Day. 

Thanks to everyone that joined it. Hope everyone has a wonderful and very green Valentine’s Day. Remember the day is about love so show the planet some love as well! Also be sure to join in on the APLS Carnival next month!

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