Are Your Bathing Your Kids In Toxins?

The answer is yes if use Johnson & Johnson. The Campaign for Safer Cosmetics found formaldehyde or l,4-dioxane, or many times both, in Johnson & Johnson products and other baby and kid bath products.

Johnson & Johnson use mom bloggers and word of mouth marketing as seen in this contest- Baby Bubble Bath. So lets use that form of marketing to tell them we want to know what we is in there products and we want them to be safe!

We want the Kid-Safe Chemical Act passed now! Until that is past we want Johnson & Johnson to stand up for kids safety and take the toxins out of the products and tell us what IS in them! Parents have the right to know what they are bathing their kids in.

Until Johnson & Johnson listen to us, I hope you will do the following that the Green Mom’s Carnival is asking of us. (These were written by the Green And Clean Mom)

“1. Sign the Declaration and tell your friends to sign the declaration to get the Kids Safe Chemical Act passed.

2. Write your legislator, as the Mindful Momma suggests.

3. Use safer products by using the Skin Deep Data Base and tell companies, such as Johnson and Johnson and the others listed on the report what you want as consumers. Check out the Safe Mama and her hundreds of reviews and cheat sheets for safe baby care products and Healthy Child Healthy World for suggestions and tips. For reviews of products I have tried view my green cleaning category.

4. Promote this post anyway you can to get the word out there. #NoToxins a follow the Green Mom’s Carnival on Twitter!

5. Send any bottles back to the manufacture that aren’t used or half used but stop using them and demand for safer ingredients and full disclosure!” –Green And Clean Mom

And go read the emergency Green Mom’s Carnival to see what they are saying.

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    Thanks for supporting this cause. It is meant to educate and help others long term. It’s the same as me sharing with a friend that something dangerous could happen and I’m concerned. Concerned long term and short term. Concerned about transparency and the environment. Concerned about misinformation and lack of information. I appreciate the help in spreading this message.

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