Spring Must-Haves

Spring is here! I’m so happy to be ditching boots, coats, and snow! Since I live in Oklahoma we don’t typically have terrible winters but we did end up with a fair amount of snow and ice this year. Winter is my least favorite season, I’m not a fan of being cold or everything being brown and dead.

With spring finally here I wanted to share my spring must-haves. These are the items I can’t be without during the spring.

Spring Must-Haves | Retro Housewife Goes Green

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

Spring Must-Haves

  • Natural Bug Spray- We tend to get a lot of mosquitoes in the spring. While most bug sprays have very harmful ingredients there are some great options out there that use essential oils to protect against bugs. Badger Anti-Bug Spray is one good option.
  • Cork Wedges- I love cork wedges for spring. They are easy to walk in and great for my spring dresses and skirts. These white wedges from ModCloth are on the top of my shoe wish list!
  • Natural Nail Polish- Now that open-toe shoes are back it’s time to paint my toenails more regularly. I like to use non-toxic nail polishes like Scotch Nail Polish.
  • Floral Skirts- I love floral print and spring is the perfect time to wear it! The one above is from Hearts of Haute. It’s made in the USA and only $48.
  • Sun Protect- Juice Beauty’s CC Cream is a spring favorite of mine! It has sun protect, a must for my fair skin, and it is also great for your skin.
  • Iced Tea- I love tea all year but in the spring and summer I start drinking more iced tea. Choice Organic Classic Black is my favorite tea to use for making iced tea. I’m drinking a cup right now, yum!
  • Glass Straws- To go along with iced tea, I love using straws but I don’t want to waste disposable ones. Glass Dharma glass straws are beautiful and great for tea, smoothies, lemonade and all of your other spring favorites.
  • Glass Water Bottle- I’m terrible about drinking enough water but having a water bottle with me helps. I love the glass water bottles from Lifefactory. They are easy to clean, non-toxic, and beautiful! Confession, sometimes I use them for iced tea!

I’d love to hear about your spring must-haves. Let me know below, email me, tweet me, or post on my Facebook page.

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Deep Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Deep Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are an often overlooked part of our house and they can be pretty filthy. If neglected for too long they will start to smell pretty bad. Deep cleaning your garbage disposal will help keep it smelling fresh and working well. It may seem like a lot of steps but as long as you keep up with it, it won’t take long at all.

Deep Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

What you need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Citrus Peels
  • Castile Soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s which I get from Thrive Market)
  • Old Toothbrush


  1. Clean the sink hole cover with hot soapy water. You may want to use an old tooth brush to get to all the parts. If you haven’t done this in awhile, or ever, be prepared to be grossed out! When you are done, rinse well with hot water.
  2. Next, pour some baking soda in the drain. I use around half a cup. Follow with vinegar, about twice as much as the baking soda. This is just breaking up clogs, the reaction doesn’t clean but it does help break things up.
  3. Run some hot water again to finish breaking up all of the gunk.
  4. Now is the part that will help get your garbage disposal smelling nice and clean. Cut up some citrus peels. I like to keep mine in the freezer for when I need them. Put the peels in the garbage disposal and run it. With water running, of course!

This should leave your garbage disposal clean and smelling fresh! It’s a great way to keep your kitchen smelling good and to use up leftover citrus peels. You can also put them in ice cube trays with vinegar and freeze them. These cubes also help sharpen the garbage disposal blades.

Have you ever deep cleaned your garbage disposal? Let’s be honest, how bad was it really? I hadn’t done mine in awhile so it wasn’t pretty.

Don’t forget to check back often for more cleaning tips. And check out my DIY cleaning board on Pinterest for more great ideas. 

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5 Apps That Help You Save on Groceries

5 Apps That Help You Save on Groceries | Retro Housewife Goes Green

My smart phone is a huge part of my life and grocery shopping is no exception. I use several apps to keep me organized and save me money. Do you have a smart phone? Check out these great apps to help you out.

5 Apps That Help You Save on Groceries

  1. ShopShop- Making a shopping list and sticking to it is very important. This free shopping list app is a great way to make sure you don’t forget your list. You can also have multiple lists at the same time.
  2. Ibotta- Ibotta gives your rebates for items you buy. You can shop online, submit receipts, or link loyalty cards. They change which products you can get rebates on all the time so just check before you go shopping. Not all of the products are natural but you will often find natural products.
  3. BerryCart- Very much like Ibotta but with natural products. Very simple to use!
  4. Checkout 51- Checkout 51 is like Ibotta and BerryCart. Like Ibotta it’s not all natural products but you will find some.
  5. Shopmium- This is like the other apps but you can also donate your rewards to charities.

Bonus: Snap by Groupon- This app also allows you to earn cash back for things you buy but it doesn’t matter where you shop.

You can also find apps for many grocery stores that have coupons and/or sale ads. It’s nice to keep these on your phone in case you forgot to check the ads or thought of something else you need. The ones that have coupons are great because you have to carry a lot less stuff with you when shopping!

There are so many more great apps out there and I always love to learn about new ones. What’s your favorite app to help you save on groceries? Share in the comments below or join the conversation over on Facebook.

Don’t forget to come back every Monday for more tips on eating Real Food on a Budget

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Natural DIY Carpet Freshener

Natural DIY Carpet Freshener

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

Carpet fresheners on the market normally contain synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrance is not an ingredient but a group of ingredients that companies don’t have to disclose. They often include harmful ingredients that have been shown to cause a number of health concerns.

Another harmful ingredient found in many carpet fresheners is benzyl benzoate. The European Union has found benzyl benzoate to be a possible human immune system toxicant or allergen and wildlife and environmental toxicant. It is also possibly a endocrine disrupter.

Making your own DIY carpet freshener is simple and can also save you money. And of one of my favorite parts is being able to make whatever scent I want. In the fall I like to use an orange, cinnamon, and bay leaf scent. Currently I’m enjoying using a mix called Cheer Up Buttercup. It’s a mix of bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, and lemon. Lime and bergamot is another scent I like in the spring and summer.

Natural Carpet Freshener


  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil(s) of your choice
  • Clean glass jar
  • 2 metal lids that fit the jar
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Optional: Label or washi tape


  1. Using a hammer and nail, carefully poke several holes in the top of one lid.
  2. Fill jar with baking soda.
  3. Slowly add the essential oils to figure out how strong you want it. I used a 16 ounce jar and used around 30 drops.
  4. Place the lid without the holes on and shake well. Store with this lid on.
  5. Optional: put washi tape or label on the jar.
  6. When you are ready to use it, switch to the lid with the holes.
  7. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let sit 15 minutes – 1 hour. The longer it sits the better.
  8. Vacuum normally.

It’s that simple. It works wonderfully and no worrying about what is ending up left behind on your carpet. I’d love to know what scent you choose to use. I have so much fun playing with the scents.

Check out my Pinterest for more fun DIY ideas. And check back often for more spring cleaning tips! 

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Saving on Easter Dinner + Free Printable

Real Food on a Budget: Saving on Easter Dinner. Plus free Easter menu Planner Printable!

Easter is less than three weeks away, time to start planning your Easter dinner. Big holiday or special occasion meals can be pricey, even when not using real food ingredients. With some simple tips you can stay on your budget while still using real food and have Easter dinner.

Tips for Saving on Easter Dinner

  • Plan ahead. Plan your menu now and start watching for sales on anything you can buy early.
  • Use sale ads to plan your menu. You may have some traditional dishes but for extra dishes check out the sale ads for inspiration.
  • Use what you already have. You can also shop your pantry for ideas.
  • Have a potluck. If you are having guests, consider a potluck style meal. This also allows guests to make sure their favorite dish will be there.
  • Be realistic. Do you really need six desserts? Probably not. Leftovers, if you will use them, are great but don’t go overboard.
  • Use in season produce. Buying things that are currently in season is cheaper.
  • Use real dishes. If possible use real dishes for the meal. Not having to buy the plastic stuff will save a lot of money.
  • Make your own decor. With Pinterest this is easier than ever. Choose something simple that is cheap to make or better yet, uses things you already have. You can find lots of ideas on my Easter Pinterest board.
  • Make a plan for leftovers. Having a plan for leftovers will help your food budget for the following week and avoid wasted food. If you have a lot of leftovers, consider freezing what you can.

Easter Menu Planner

Easter Menu Planner Free Printable

This free printable will help you plan out your menu so you are sure not to forget anything. Print it out now and plan early to help you save time, money and stress.

What’s on your Easter dinner menu this year? Who do you celebrate with? I still have to finish my menu plan and even plans in general. This year is already flying by!

Be sure to check out my other free printables and come back each Monday for more tips on eating real food on a budget.  

Photo Credit- ProFlowers

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