Is it Okay to Bad Mouth Your Spouse?

Is it Okay to Bad Mouth Your Spouse?

I belong to a lot of housewife, marriage, and women’s groups online. I enjoy many parts of these groups but there is one thing that I have found to be upsetting and that’s how a lot of women talk about their partners.

I would be lying if I said my husband never upsets me or does anything that annoys me. However, I try very hard to avoid saying negative things about him to others. My mom and I will sometimes laugh about silly annoying things my dad or my husband do, because they are often the same things. (Yes I married someone with a lot of the same traits as my dad, I’m a stereotype! ha) But they are lighthearted things and always things we would say in front of them.

It makes me uncomfortable when I see people bash their partners, even if it’s a “private” setting. For one thing, nothing is really private. It’s so easy for someone to take a screen cap of what you say on the internet. While we hope people won’t do something like that, it happens a lot. And even if it’s just in an in person conversation it can still get back to your partner.

I was always taught to put myself in other’s shoes and to treat them as I want to be treated. I would be very hurt if I found out my husband was talking badly about me to other people. Why should I not give him the same courtesy that I expect from him?

Often when people vent about their partner it’s a momentary thing. Their partner is just getting on their nerves or whatever. The problem is these gripes can change other’s opinion of your partner and they aren’t likely getting the whole story.

Seeking marriage advice from someone you trust and respect is one thing but just flat out venting can bring pain to your relationship and is not fair to your partner.

If the thing you want to vent about is really something that needs addressed, go to your partner. Outside sources aren’t going to be able to fix the issue for you. If it’s a bigger issue and you do need help see if your partner is willing to go to see someone with you.

It seems like most of the time these vent sessions are not things that need help though and just require a bit of communication with your partner. Your partner isn’t a mind reader and may have no idea that they did something to upset you. Let them know in a kind and constructive way. This often means taking a bit of time to cool off but do that privately, venting will likely only make you more upset.

Again, I’m not perfect but remembering to think about how I want to be treated by my spouse helps me stay accountable.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you agree or do you feel like it’s not really that big of an issue? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Retro Housewife Must-Haves

Retro Housewife Must-Haves*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

As much as I love blogging and freelance writing, being a housewife is my biggest passion. I know not everyone would enjoy it but I love it. It’s like playing house all day, only I wish there were less dishes, I hate washing dishes!

While it is a great job it’s one I take seriously. My husband works extra hard for me to be able to be a housewife and follow my other passions. I want to keep the home as nice as possible. I’m not perfect, far from it lately, but I’m always trying to do better.

These are some items that I find help make being a retro housewife either easier or prettier. I want to share these items with you as they may help you as well!

Retro Housewife Must-Haves

  • Cleaning rags. There are so many fancy cleaning cloths out there now and all kinds of disposable products. However, a good old t-shirt cut into rags is my favorite cleaning cloth. I have tons of them, all over the place. They are free and work wonderfully.
  • Tea Towels. Tea towels are a great way to add a pretty touch to your kitchen and they are useful. I like vintage and new tea towels. I have them for different seasons and just love them. I like to use them as hand towels and to lay over the dish rack.
  • Cute Flats. I love heels and wedges but for running errands flats are a must. I buy most of my flats from ModCloth. They a great selection. I don’t buy leather and ModCloth lists the materials used in their shoes, this is very helpful if you avoid leather.
  • Vintage Aprons. I have four vintage aprons so far and I’m always looking for more. A cute apron just makes me happy. They are great for protecting clothes of course but also for drying your hands or carrying flowers or produce in from the garden.
  • Glass storage containers. Glass food containers are not only nicer looking than disposable or plastic options, they are better for us and the planet. I collect vintage Pyrex but don’t use it for food storage due to lead issues. I use it for serving and other purposes that have less of a risk of causing the lead to leach. For food storage I like new Pyrex. It’s great for fridge and freezer storage and will save you money in the long run.
  • Tea set. I’ll be honest I don’t have one yet but it’s on my list of things I want. A retro housewife should be prepared to host a tea party right? The one I wanted from ModCloth is currently out of stock but hoping they bring it back!
  • Good skin care. A retro housewife wants to stay looking young and her best. Therefore, I use Juice Beauty products for my skin because they have great ingredients and work! I also keep their Age Deft Hand Cream on my desk to use throughout the day. Housework can lead to very dry hands and who wants that?
  • Water bottle. Staying hydrated is also important while running around cleaning the house and such. I like the LifeFactory glass bottles because they are safe, beautiful, and dishwasher safe.
  • Cute cotton house dresses, another thing that I don’t have but would like to have. Currently I still go the yoga pants during the day route most of the time and I don’t like it. I want to look cute while being comfortable. Cotton house dresses were the yoga pants of the past. With the current heat and humidity in Oklahoma, wearing cotton dresses around the house sounds amazing. I’m currently eyeing a lot of vintage house dresses on Etsy. I’d also like to learn to make my own.
  • Household binder. My household binder contains everything I need to take care of my home and myself. It helps keep me on track and is essential to the running of my home. I made my mine with free printables, be sure to check out how I made it by clicking here.

What are some of your retro housewife must-haves? I’d love to hear about them, share in the comments below.

Photo Credit:  Todd Ehlers via Flickr

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Quick & Easy Stovetop Popcorn

Popcorn itself is a great high fiber and fairly low carb snack. And it’s also a cheap snack. The problem with popcorn comes from the extra ingredients added and in the case of microwave popcorn the bag itself.

A lot of bagged popcorn has perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the same ingredient found on many non-stick pans. It has been linked to liver, pancreatic, and liver cancer in animals. The chemicals may also be linked to infertility in women.

Microwave popcorn also often contains things like partially hydrogenated oils, artificial favor, and artificial color. All of these ingredients come with there own set of possible health problems.

Air poppers are one way to make healthier popcorn but they are made of plastic and can still release chemicals that aren’t very safe. Plus it’s a one-use kitchen appliance and if you are short on space you may not want to store one.

One of the easiest and safest ways to make popcorn is in a stainless steel pot. It’s quick, easy, and requires no special equipment!

Quick & Easy Stovetop Popcorn

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

Quick & Easy Stovetop Popcorn



  1. Heat coconut oil on medium high heat. After the oil has melted, place three kernels in the pot. When all three pop the oil is ready.
  2. Add the rest of the kernels.
  3. Shake often and slightly open the lid every once in awhile to release the steam.
  4. Once popping has slowed to a couple of seconds between pops, remove from heat.
  5. At this point add salt and anything else you want on your popcorn.

You can also add a bit of sugar for a kettle corn favor. Garlic and other seasonings are also fun. Play around with it and find your favorite favors.

What do you like to eat on your popcorn? I like butter most of the time but also like a little sugar sometimes.
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The Astronaut Wives Club, A Must-See Show

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

With Mad Men coming to an end this year I wasn’t sure where I’d get my mid-century TV fix. Call the Midwife is a great show that takes place in the 50’s and 60’s but season 4 ended in May for the US. Then came The Astronaut Wives Club.

To be honest, my hopes weren’t that high. Mad Men was so well done, down to every last detail, The Astronaut Wives Club had big shoes to fill. It hasn’t quite hit Mad Men level, that’s not surprising, but it has been very entraining and true to the mid-century aesthetic.

Eric Daman has does an amazing job with the fashion on the show. I could watch the show on mute and still enjoy it. I got the chance to talk to Daman briefly on Twitter when he joined in for a bit of #VintageChat. I asked what he thought about working on the show and he said “it was a dream job.” You can read more about his work on this show on Fashionista.

Even the food seen on the show is perfect. Emily Marshall, the food stylist for the show, cooked all the dishes. She was already a fan of vintage cooking and had been collecting cookbooks and old magazines for years.

“In my 20s, I started collecting old magazines and really poring over the food ads and becoming strangely obsessed with them. Gradually, I started buying cookbooks at garage sales. I knew when I took this job that all this knowledge I’d been building for some mysterious reason was going to come to use.”- Behind the Insane, Vintage Food of ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club- Bon Appetite 

While the mid-century style in the show is amazing, the real reason this show is a much-see is the real women the show is about. These women were amazing and until now have not been given enough focus and credit.

Rene Carpenter, astronaut Scott Carpenter’s wife, is one of the amazing wives featured on the show. She was a journalist and hosted her own show on Channel 9 called “Everywoman.” The show was said to have been “crafted with a bit of feminist bent.”

While The Astronaut Wives Club is very entertaining, it is of course still a TV show and Rene is not a big fan of the show, saying, “every segment of the show is fiction!

However, if you take the show with a grain of salt, it is very good and I highly recommend checking it out. The show is based on the book The Astronaut Wives Club, which is next on my list of books to read! I also plan to read more about the women behind this show and their true history. 

If you have seen the show I’d love to know what you have thought of it so far. Also if you have read the book, what did you think?

If you have missed the first episodes you can find them on Hulu or Amazon.



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Christmas in July: Reducing Holiday Stress

I love Christmas, it’s such a joyful and fun time of the year. Christmas can also be a very busy time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Many of the things that overwhelm us can be prevented though, by planning ahead.

Starting to plan in July or even early, for Christmas can seem a bit extreme. However, planning ahead and doing a little bit at a time leaves a lot more time to enjoy the season and makes it a lot easier. You also can save money by shopping all year.

Here are some things to get checked off your Christmas to-do list before the holiday season even starts.

Reducing Holiday Stress

Christmas To-Do List

  • Make a Christmas planner. This will help you stay on track and stay organized.
  • Make a gift list. Decide who you are buying gifts for and start writing down ideas. Keep an eye out for sales on great gifts.
  • Start saving money. If you haven’t already start putting extra money aside for Christmas expenses. Skip a coffee and save that money instead, or sell some things that are just cluttering up your home and put that aside. Every little bit counts.
  • Make your Christmas card list. I like to have a list of people who sent me cards the year before and I use that to help me plan for who to send cards to the next year.
  • Make sure you have addresses. Both for cards and gifts you may be mailing, you want to be sure you have current addresses. Go ahead and get them written down (unless you know that person will possibly be moving before Christmas).
  • Plan for your Christmas cards. If you are taking a photo for your cards go ahead and get it booked and plan outfits. If you write a newsletter, start making notes. If like me you make your cards, start making them now.
  • Plan parties. If you are having any parties start planning now. Make a list of what you will need and keep an eye out for sales on the items you can buy ahead.
  • Pre-make baked goods. Many baked goods are just as good made ahead and frozen. Don’t start quite yet but a month or two ahead is fine for most things. Cookies are the easiest to make a freeze. Just make up the dough, scoop balls onto cookie sheets lined with wax paper, freeze, and once they are hard transfer to a freezer container until you are ready to bake.
  • If you enjoy DIY and crafting, make your project list and start gathering supplies. Craft stores like Michael’s have sales all the time and great coupons, stock up on supplies as you can get good deals.

This list can seem overwhelming if you have to do it all in a month or two but if you have 4-5 months it’s not hard at all. Set aside just a few minutes each week to work on Christmas prep, or even just sometime each month, and you will be ready in no time.

I’d also love to know, when do you start preparing for the holidays? If you have any tips share in the comments.

For more holiday ideas be sure to follow me on Pinterest. And follow me on Facebook and Twitter to learn about deals I find that can help you save money on the holidays.

Today (7-15-15) is *affiliate link* Amazon Prime Day. There are amazing deals happening all day. Check it out and get some Christmas gifts early!

Photo:  Koshyk via Flickr

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Overwhelmed Homemaker

Overwhelmed Homemaker

When I was first married homemaking was fun. It was like playing house all over again but with a purpose. I kept up with things and had time leftover. Each Friday I was done with housework by noon and my best friend came over to eat lunch and hang out.

Somewhere along the way homemaking became overwhelming. Now I always feel like I’m drowning in things I need to do. I look at my to-do list with no idea how I will ever get it all done. So what happened? That’s the question I keep asking myself because I want to go back to when homemaking was fun and I wasn’t always overwhelmed. I’ve decided to make a list of things I think are contributing to this problem. Maybe you can relate.

Why I’m an Overwhelmed Homemaker

  • Social Media. Social media is a huge distraction for many. Not only is it on our computers, it’s also on our phones. It’s easy to say “oh I’ll just check my email, well while I’m on here I’ll just look at Facebook for a minutes…” Soon you are in the social media black hole. With my blog,some other work, and volunteering I do needing me to be on social media it’s hard to get on, get my work done, and get off.
  • Blogging. I LOVE blogging but when you work at home it can be hard to make sure work doesn’t consume everything. I’ve never been good at following schedules but this may have to change.
  • I don’t say no. If you work at home or you are stay at home mom or homemaker, you likely find people think you have nothing but free time so if something needs done they should ask you. I’m getting better at saying no but for so long I said yes to everything.
  • Fatigue. I have Fibromyalgia and I do deal with quite a bit of fatigue. I also tend to have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. Chronic fatigue can make everyday tasks a struggle.
  • We have more stuff. We have been married for 10 years so we have a lot more space and stuff now than we did when we were first married. More stuff means more to clean and take care of.
  • My husband works at home. I love that I don’t need to worry about my husband driving to work in bad weather (he worked about 30 miles away before). I also love that his schedule is more flexible and I get to see him more. But I’m an introvert and I need time alone and tend to work more efficiently alone. Plus, anytime more people are home, there will be more mess. He does a good job of taking care of his mess in his office, so I’m very grateful for that.

These are my main roadblocks. Knowing what’s wrong is half the battle right? Now it’s time to fix these issues. I wish this post was about how to not be a overwhelmed homemaker but right now I’m not qualified to write that. I can however share my plan with you and report back after I try it for awhile.

Mission- Become a Happy Homemaker

  • Find a schedule that works and stick to it.
  • Work on healthy sleep habits.
  • Keep learning to say no.
  • Declutter.
  • Make time for myself.

It’s almost a new month and we are almost half way through the year, the perfect time to test this out. For the next month I will be trying this plan. This week will be tough as it’s my birthday week and I have lots of fun activities planned away from home. However, there will always be an excuse why I need to wait to try this.

I’d love to hear if you are overwhelmed, what you think is causing it. Also share anything you have tried to do to fix it and if it worked.

Original Photo Credit- angelshoe

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Saving with Organic Coupons

Saving with Organic Coupons

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

Eating organic food doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. I’ve shared many of my favorite ways for eating real food on a budget and I want to share another today. While you won’t find many organic coupons in the newspaper you can find a lot of them online.

Organic Coupon Sources

You can also find organic coupons on brand websites. And store websites, like Whole Foods and Sprouts, often have printable coupons as well.

Couponing Tips

  • Don’t buy a product just because you have a coupon. If you are buying things you wouldn’t otherwise buy you aren’t really saving money.
  • Use your coupons! Forgetting to use your coupons won’t save you anything. Put your coupons in your purse, car or with your reusable bags, some place you will remember.
  • Meal plan around coupons. Planning meals that use items with coupons instead of full priced items can help you save a lot of money.
  • Use black ink when printing coupons. Colored ink tends to be more expensive so using just black ink can save you money over time.
  • Stockpile only if you know it’s an item you will use. Don’t buy a lot of a new product just because it’s a good deal, you may not like it and then you’ve wasted money. Also be careful not to stockpile things that will go bad before you can use them.
  • Check prices. A coupon won’t always make a brand the cheapest option, be sure to check other brands to be sure you are getting the best deal.

Bonus tip- You can also skip the coupons and get great discounts all of the time from Thrive Market and Amazon.

While you may not be able to be an extreme couponer while eating organic food, you can save a lot of money. I’d love to hear your tips as well, share in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out my other real food on a budget tips

Original Photo Credit- dmdonahoo

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Vintage Chat on Twitter

Vintage Chat on Twitter

It’s no secret that I love so many things about the 1940’s-1960’s. I like to fill my home with things from the decades, I listen to music (on vinyl, of course) from the decades, and I even dress in clothing from or modeled after those decades. While I have some friends that share at least some of my love of vintage, most do not.

That’s one reason I love when we have the vintage chat that I co-host on Twitter. It’s been far too long since we had one and they are so much fun. It’s a great place to talk about vintage fashion, entertainment, design, and so much more.

Myself and Emileigh of Flashback Summer will be hosting the chat over on Twitter tomorrow (June 25th). Our last chat was a blast and this one is sure to be as well. Come join us for a fun hour of talking about all things vintage. You are sure to meet some great new people and have a lot of fun!

When: Thursday, June 25th at 8:00 p.m./CST

Where: On Twitter, I recommend you use TweetDeck to keep up with the chat.

Hashtag: #VintageChat (What is a Hashtag?)

Follow Hosts: @retrohousewife5 and @emileighrogers

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! If you have any questions feel free to ask below or send me an email.

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My Summer Favorites

Summer is here! It is time for frozen treats, swimming, and sun dresses. I’m a little sad to see spring go, I enjoy the milder seasons. However, there are some things I always look forward to for summer. And I want to share some of my summer favorites with you. These are the things I find essential for having a great summer.

Summer Favorites

*This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.*

Summer Favorites

  • Sundresses– I wear dresses and skirts most of the time. With Oklahoma’s very hot summers sundresses are a great way to stay cool. ModCloth is one of my favorite sources of sundresses. I also like the brand Sideacca on Amazon for very affordable sundresses.
  • Homemade Popsicles– Making homemade popsicles is a fun way to have a healthier summer treat. I will be sharing some of my favorite popsicle recipes soon. Plastic can leach hormone disruptors into the food so I prefer using a stainless steel popsicle mold. Another benefit to stainless steel is it doesn’t stain or hold odors like the plastic can.
  • Homemade Ice Cream– I love ice cream and homemade ice cream is the best. I use a fun ice cream ball to make ice cream. I like that I get a bit of exercise using it and it doesn’t use any power. A favorite around here is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
  • Diffuser– I love candles but don’t tend to use them as much during the summer. During the summer I really enjoy using a diffuser. My favorite essential oil mix during the summer is lime and bergamot. It’s a lovely citrus, fresh scent.
  • Cute Flats– I love heels but they aren’t the best the best for our ankles and feet. When I’m going to be standing a lot or walking flats are my shoes of choice. I’m currently loving my blue polka dot flats from ModCloth. They are cute and comfortable. ModCloth is my favorite place for cute flats in general.
  • Juice Beauty CC CreamJuice Beauty is my favorite skin care line and one of my favorite products is their cc cream. It is made of safe ingredients, provides light coverage, is good for your skin and has SPF. It’s a great summer makeup option. If I need more coverage I just wear my normal makeup over it.
  • Iced Tea– I live in the south and we love our sweet tea! While I try to not make it as sweet as my great grandma did, or as I want to, I still love a tall glass of iced tea. It’s very refreshing on a hot day. Choice Organic black tea is my favorite tea for making iced tea.
  • Bandelettes– These are a summer lifesaver! If you like dresses and skirts during the summer you must get a few pairs. They go around your thighs and help prevent chafing. They are light weight and very comfortable. They have solid or lace, while they lace are adorable I find they provide less protection.
  • Swimsuits– I love to swim. I try to swim all year at my gym’s pool but of course summer makes me crave it even more! My favorite swimsuits are made by Eco Swim by Aqua Green. They use eco-friendly materials and are made in the USA.

I’d love to hear about your summer favorites. Leave me a comment below.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see more of the things I’m loving this summer! 


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Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

*This post was sponsored by FilterBuy. I received compensation in exchange for this post.
All thoughts and views are my own.*

When thinking about air pollution we often think in terms of outdoor air pollution but indoor air quality can be even worse. As we make our homes more airtight for efficiency sake, we are also trapping pollution in our homes.

Indoor Air Pollution Facts

  • On average we spend about 90% of our time indoors.
  • “The prevalence rate of pediatric asthma has increased from 40.1 to 69.1,—a 72.3 percent increase. Asthma is the sixth ranking chronic condition in our nation and the leading serious chronic illness of children in the U.S.” – American Lung Association 
  •  One source of indoor air pollution can be radon. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can enter homes through cracks in the foundation, walls, drains, and other openings. Radon is a known carcinogen and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S.
  • Poorly ventilated homes also can have high humidity levels which can lead to mold and even structural damage. Repairing this damage can be very expensive.

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

  • Use natural cleaners. Cleaners can contain harmful chemicals that contribute to poor air quality.
  • Buy some air cleaning plants. Several plants have been shown to reduce different air pollutants in our home. My favorite is aloe vera because it’s very hard to kill.
  • Look for furniture that uses fewer chemicals. Flame retardants found in a lot of furniture can give off cancer-causing VOCs. Thankfully many companies are removing some of the worse flame retardants.
  • Air out your home. When the weather is nice and pollen counts are down, opening up your house for an hour or two can help bring fresher air into your home.
  • Use a good quality furnace filter. This will help with indoor air quality in general and also help reduce allergens for those in your home with allergies.

I think of improving air quality in my home as just another one of my homemaking tasks. My husband and I both have allergies and I have asthma, making even more vital that I keep the air quality as good as possible.

If you want even more information and a helpful checklist for improving indoor air quality, click here. I’d also love to hear what you do to improve the air quality in your home.

Original Photo By- mahalie

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